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 It was such an amazing few days having my phone sex son and his friends here. I won’t lie, I was ready for them to all go back. My boys kept me so busy that I didn’t have any time for the men in my life.

After a wild night of fucking, I woke up wet, sticky and so sore!  My boys left me breakfast, a note and a new dildo to replace the one we broke. I know I should rest up since they will be back on Thanksgiving, but a very hot new man just got hired where I work. The way we are looking at one another I know soon we will be fucking like mad.

I wore a super sexy outfit to work today. Stockings, garter belt, stilettos, and a tight, sheer blouse. You could see right through my blouse. I didn’t mention my panties because I didn’t wear any. When I left for lunch, he followed me out. He won my heart immediately when without hesitation, he bent me over my car, and pounded me. I know people saw us, but that just gives them something hot to think about.

We spent the day finding out of the way places to fuck. This MILF pussy was so filled with cum, it was all over my desk chair. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings for me, and my hot new fuck buddy.


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