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It is almost dawn, the alarm won’t go off another hour, but something wakes Mommy Morgan. Her son cries out, “Mommy” again. She springs out of bed, doesn’t even think of grabbing her robe, as she runs into her son’s bedroom. He turned on the light next to his bed. Mommy sits down on the bed next to him. She soothes him as she runs her fingers through his hair and tenderly caresses his face.

When Mommy asks if he had a bad dream, the boy does not know how to answer. He didn’t have a scary dream, but rather, his first erotic dream. Now Mommy sits on his bed, wearing that sexy nightie of hers. He pulls the covers up and says he has a bad tummy ache. Mommy crawls under the covers and rubs his tummy under his pajamas. The boy jumps, and Mommy feels that stiffy by mistake.

Her son is sweet and shy, and Mommy does not want to embarrass him, but she wants to soothe him. She spoons him and holds him close to her, and she sings softly in his ear. Despite all her efforts, he becomes more restless. Mommy is unaware that her perfume and big tits against his back have him very aroused and uncomfortable. His balls are full, and he becomes fussy and agitated.

Mommy pulls him closer to her, kissing his neck. She scolds him for being so jumpy. “Now close your eyes and be a good boy,” she whispers in his ear. Mommy pulls down his pajama bottoms, and her nurturing, soft hand wraps around his hard shaft. He lets out such a big moan of pleasure and relief. Mommy’s magic hands tend to him, stroking and stroking, making that pre-cum bubble out the head of that shaft. Mommy uses the slippery pre-cum as lube and strokes him harder. Her beautiful hands make him squirt cum all over!

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