Sexy, Sleek Clove Cigarettes

Having a cig is so satisfying. I love how my lips feel wrapped around a clove cigarette. I feel a tingling as I suck the smoke in deeply. It is so incredibly relaxing.

I can’t help but laugh when I see the look on your face. You aren’t imagining my lips around your worthless cock, but you’re thinking what it would be like to be me. You want to wear my sexy clothes, and have the same effect that I do on men. You can try. You can dress up like me, smoke like me, and even try to be a mistress. You aren’t me, and you never will be like me.

Do not fret, I have other uses for you. I need an ashtray. I so dislike having butts around my lovely loft. So many ashes and so much work. You’ll be down on your knees with your pretty little mouth open, and ready to take all my ashes. Anything that remotely is near my mouth you crave.

There you are in your lovely pink silk panties, patiently waiting for some ashes to fall in your mouth. I look at you, taking a long deep drag. You watch the smoke waft. You touch your little boy clitty as I put the cig out in your mouth. Good Girl!


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