Let’s Get Nasty

I am the nastiest chick I know. Most of my friends are so picky about where and how they get off. Not me, if my cunt is wet, I don’t care where I am. I need to get off.

My friends and I went to a bar last night that is known for how gross it can get. The rule of thumb is not to use the bathroom unless you want to fuck, or just can’t hold it in. The fact that the place is so gross just gets me even hotter and wetter.

I locked eyes with this hot guy, and he actually dared me to meet him in the bathroom. A little mess and smell never turned me off when I needed a random fuck from a strange guy. By the time he made it in, I was so horny I was already fingering my juicy cunt. He wasn’t alone! He had several well built guys with him for me to fuck. A gang bang in a dirty loo? What a way to spend my night.

Get nasty with Harley. What a way to spend YOUR fucking night.


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