I love The Way You Fuck Me During a Summer Storm

We have had some rain and some cloudy days here in Miami this week. There is a storm brewing this afternoon. I love the ocean before a storm. Visually, it is much more interesting to watch than a cloudless blue sky. Of course, the beach is not crowded, but there’s so much going on to look at right before a storm with the clouds changing, becoming darker, the sound of waves crashing, finding unusual shells deposited on the beach from those waves, and the feel of the wind on my skin and blowing my hair. I love the beach. It makes me feel sexy!

You and I sit on a blanket and watch the storm clouds roll in. We time it just right to get off the beach right before that first crack of lightning. We find a safe picnic shelter just off the beach, and we watch it rain. The air is warm and wet, but then so am I.

I pull down my bikini top and offer you a taste of me. No sunscreen on my skin today. Just my luscious naked breasts in front of you. I confess my naughty fantasy. Sex outside when it is raining. We start making out and you understand that my confession is an invitation for sex. You peel off my bikini bottom as I lie down on the table. You lick between my pussy lips, then you lick up my stomach, back down between my legs, and finally licking my clit until I cum. I cum at the same moment as a rumble of thunder. Oh, this is so fantastic. Please don’t stop. You let your tongue lick inside of my pussy, thrusting your tongue in and out of me. Hitting my spot with your curved tongue. You’ve never done that before. I arch my back and lift my hips into your face and squeal…LOUD, as I cum again. Fuck me! Fuck me hard.

You help me up and bend me over that table. The wind has picked up for the moment but in the distance the sky is clearing already, but at this moment, the wind is blowing the rain onto our naked hot bodies. We’re both watching the storm over the beach as you thrust your cock into me. You fuck me with wild passionate deep strokes. Driving into me. Each thrust so hard and powerful.  I love the way you fuck me.


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