Soft Sheets


 Christmas shopping can actually be fun, relaxing and hot, if you’re open to sexy new situations.

My first stop was Bed Bath and Beyond. A close friend has just moved and I was thinking new bedding. We have totally ruined her sheets! I did find some I loved. I was running my hand on the sheets, when I heard a voice behind me. It was a very hot looking couple. Older woman and younger man. All I could think of was I want to be her. They were holding hands, kissing, and didn’t seem to care who was watching. I enjoy a healthy show of affection. 

She told me they had the same sheets and said to test them out first. I was hesitant only because I wanted to do all my shopping tonight. Looking at her soft lips and her sexy companion, I decided shopping could wait.

He gave me their address and I met them with a bottle of bubbly. Like I said Christmas shopping can be fun. 

They took me into their bedroom, and yes she had the same sheets. Only way to be sure how soft they were, was to get undressed. I am many things, but shy isn’t one of them. Soon we were all kissing, laughing, and rolling on the soft sheets.

A picture caught my eye. It was her but younger and her lover who was MUCH younger. Things were getting very clear. Do you want to know how they were to each other?  Lovers, married, related?  Give me a call and I will make your Christmas so fucking hot that you’ll enjoy shopping too. 




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