Delaney’s Strip Club Fantasy

 I needed extra money for a trip so I got a job at a strip club. I am way too young but a wet sloppy blowjob with promises of more to come got me the job.  The tips were insanely large and going in the VIP room was so fucking hot.

I was really loving my new job. I was giving a man with a huge cock a lap dance when I saw my brother. I didn’t want him to see me because he sort of has a big mouth, so I buried my face in my guy’s lap. Oh, he really is BIG!  After we were done, I said I wasn’t feeling well and left.

I saw my brother the next day and he was looking at me differently than normal. I mean he is a perv like most college boys, but I am his baby sister. I figured it really was my imagination and went back to my job later that day.

It was getting late and the manager told me I had a special date in the VIP room. I freshened up, did a shot of Jack and went into the VIP room. Oh fuck! It was my brother. I admit my phone sex brother is hot, but he is my fucking brother. 

He said he would tell everyone if I didn’t take care of him. I never really noticed before but he really has a smoking body. Tall, muscles and a huge cock. I pretended I didn’t like it. I even suggested he do one of the other dancers, but he wanted me his little sister. He was so good that when his time was up I paid for another hour myself.



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