Pandemics Suck

Valentines Day during a pandemic. What can be more frustrating than that? Especially for those single people like me. No places to pick up sexy men and women. What a drag that is. 

I was grocery shopping last night and all those long, bulky veggies were making me horny as fuck. I had one in my hand and I guess I began to stroke it. I mean your veggies need to be ripe, right? 

The stunning redhead grabbed my hand, squeezed it and gave me a look that said it all.  She told me she lived a few blocks up, and invited me for coffee and a chat. 

She gave me her address and I promised to come over once my groceries were put up. She was older and very fucking hot. I usually can read people but I think coffee just meant coffee. I knocked on her door and a man around my age answered. He told me he was her son visiting and she had an emergency she needed to run out and take care of.  

We talked as we drank our coffee. I don’t even remember how it began, but our clothes soon were all on the floor through their house. I was giving him a long, slow blowjob when I heard quiet moans. She was fingering her pussy, watching us.  I invited her to join us in bed. Maybe this will be an amazing Valentines Day after all.

Join us?




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