Mommy Morgan Comes To Your Rescue!


It’s a big night for you. You have a date with the girl of your dreams for the Valentine’s Day Dance at the high school in town. You have a pretty rose for her. You have been talking about this night for weeks, and you’re so excited.

You’ve been wondering what kind of panties she will wear under her dress. You even ask me about it. I tell you that if she is wearing a slinky little red dress that she will probably be wearing a thong so there are no panty lines. This leads to quite lengthy discussion for us about panties. I can see your face light up as we talk about panties, and I find this quite interesting.

It is Sunday night, the night of your Dance. I have had my eye on the weather channel while you’re day dreaming about touching your date’s panties. I know this is going to devastate you, but I tell you that you cannot go to the dance because of the dangerous wind chills, icy roads, and snow drifts. You argue and plead your case. Then, you get a text on your phone from the school. The dance is cancelled due to the weather. You’re so crushed. You head to your room. You were so excited about the possibility of touching her panties. Crushed!

I make you come into my room. I get an idea that will cheer you up. I pull out a bunch of my panties and I continue teaching you all about panties. I try on some panties for you, and I then I let you try on a pair. You love being in Mommy Morgan’s panties! You’re so happy and so excited. I see you becoming aroused and help you out with that too!


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