One Of The Girls

           I love when you visit me, we have so much fun together.  Sometimes I think you just should have been born a girl. You are so pretty, with a fragile body that is just meant for fishnets and corsets.

The Absinthe is flowing and I decide it’s time to bring up the subject. We are in my dressing room and I see you looking at, and touching all my lovely silk lingerie. I start by telling you that you would look so hot in eyeliner and lipstick. You look at me so excited, and say “really?”. Absolutely!  What about these sexy fishnets? Ah, but your legs are hairy. I don’t even ask, but take you to the bathroom to shave any body hair. 

We are back in the dressing room and I am putting fragrant body cream all over you. You are sort of cooing in happiness. Then I bring up the corset, panties and mini skirt. You are all in and prancing around my loft. How sexy are you? Then I tell you that you could pass for a girl. You are excited and I suggest we try out that theory.

I text a few of my guy friends that you have never met. We have a few more drinks and you are really getting into it.

How sexy and pretty you are. Of course, I left out details of what I told my friends. I guess you will figure it out when you are bent over my couch getting slammed. 


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