My Victoria’s Secret Order


There is a knock at my door. I answer it and there you are holding a package.

You ask if I am Isabelle. I say that I am. You explain that you signed for my package. You hand it to me. I realize that it is my Victoria Secrets order. I tell you, thanks.

You tease me. You would hate to be responsible for depriving a pretty girl of her lingerie. I smile and invite you in so we can get to know each other. I find you gorgeous and charming.

I pour you a cold drink, and invite you to sit outside with me. I am still holding the package. It’s driving me crazy. I really want to see what is inside.

I explain how anxious that I am to open the package from VS, and you encourage me to do so. I slip inside, leaving you alone on the patio.

I come back out wearing a super sexy bra and matching panties.  You like what you see. Now it’s my turn to tease you. I run my fingers over my bra making my nipples hard. I ask you should I keep this or send it back?

I climb into your lap and we start making out. We end up fucking right there on the patio.



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