Your Cock Gets Hard When You Slap My Tushy

You always enjoyed bending me over your knees with my jeans pulled down, slapping my young ass with your firm hands. Sometimes you spanked me so hard, sitting was unbearable.

I always had a remembrance of you when I looked in the mirror and saw your hand print on my swollen, red ass. I know you got off on it because you were always naked when you were giving me spankings, and I could see that your cock swelled every time you slapped my tushy harder. Your dick was practically poking me in the face.

I wonder what you would have done if all of a sudden you felt my young, tender lips around your cock? Would you spank me harder for being such a bad little girl? I was so young back then, you didn’t think I would remember you being naked, huh? Oh I remember, and I think I need a spanking from you again….soon!





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