Special Kind of Scavenger Hunt

My son and his friends have been visiting for awhile now.  I was so ready for them to go back to school, but we are on an extended Spring break.

They’re home all day playing video games and I think it’s time for some fresh air.  I suggest a scavenger hunt. To make it even more fun, every time an item is found, I will take off an item of clothes. Sort of a strip scavenger hunt, LOL! The boys were excited and helped me compile a list of things I would hide. Boys will be boys and they suggested some shall we say, adult store items. 

It was a beautiful day and I put sunscreen on all the boys. The little pervs were already hard. I need to take my mind off those young, sexy cocks so I ran ahead hiding the items.

I wasn’t far ahead when I heard one of the boys shout that he found the edible panties. I took of my shorts. Another boy yelled that he found vanilla flavored lube. Off comes my top. I am laughing and out of breath from running and the excitement of our game.  My phone sex son found the dildo. I thought I hid it really well. 

I am totally nude now and have nothing more to take off. He is looking at me while sporting a large hard-on holding the dildo. I bet you would love to know what happened then. I would tell you, but then we will have to masturbate together for the information.


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