Can’t Resist My Perfect Ass

         I have been told my whole life that I have a perfect ass. I have to say that I agree totally!  I mean, just look at it. It’s round, silky soft, and very bitable.

I remember when I was little, I couldn’t wait to be alone in the bath or my bed so I could take off my panties and rub my bottom. As I got older, I would lick my finger and gently slide it in my tight little pucker. Fuck, did it feel good.

       One day my bestie and her boyfriend were over, and we started watching porn. I went right to the anal section. They were both unsure, but I wanted to try it.

After they left, I called Monica, and asked her what she really thought. We took out our dildos, sucked them to get them wet, and phone fucked each other with our toys. It was so hot and her boyfriend never found out.

I went away to college, and still without the amazing hotness of having a dick in my pretty ass. One night my roommate’s dad dropped by to see her. She wasn’t home, and seeing her hot looking dad just made me homesick.

We flirted and had a few drinks together. He said he was spending the night in the city and would I like to get out of this small dorm room. 

I  was freshening up and asked him if he would message Monica and let her know I won’t be back for the night. I told him to message as me. Well, he saw the last porn I was watching. I imagine if we had not been drinking, he would have left it alone. After a few though!  I know the question on my callers minds is if I did it on purpose. Maybe!!


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