Curious About Curves


I know that you’re becoming very interested in girls. Boys, like you, become very curious about what girls do when they are all alone and they think that no one is looking. You start spying on me, especially when I’m in the bathroom. I leave the door open a little to aid in your education.

You watch me undress and get naked. What you don’t realize is that you cannot fool your Mommy Morgan. I know that you’re watching me, so I put on a sexy show for you. I slowly strip out of my panties, and then I massage my big, full breasts. I hear your shorts coming down, and I hear your hand going to town on your hard cock.

I bust you and call you into the bathroom. You’re fearful that I am going to be angry, but Mommy Morgan is very understanding. I tell you that it’s all very natural and I will take care of you. I answer all your questions and give the best sex education lessons.

Always remember that your Mommy Morgan knows best!

Love you


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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