Mommy Makes You Feel Better


Your Mommy Morgan has started to get ready to go out tonight, but you are complaining about a headache and sore throat. You feel a little dizzy watching me get ready.

I pick up the phone and cancel my plans. After all, you are the most important person in my life. I will always be there to take care of you and to tend to your needs. 

Since I am not going out, I can change my clothes and put on something more comfortable. You look up at me with the sweetest eyes and ask why the black lingerie that I am wearing is not comfortable. Unknown to me, you have tried on my sexy things many times and always found the luxurious fabrics to be best thing you have ever felt next to your skin.

I try to brush off your question that you would have to wear it to understand that it is not as comfortable as Mommy’s nightgown. Secretly, you hate when I wear that nightgown because it hides Mommy’s curves and it is not pretty. You are relentless with your questions about the comfortable of my lingerie. I tell you that Mommy knows best and that you need to get to bed straight away since you are not feeling well. You start to frustrate your Mommy with one more question. You ask me if you can touch my legs and feel how soft the stockings and garters feel.

It is always hard to say “no” to you. As I let you run your hands up and down my long sexy legs, I get a very wicked idea that I think will get you into bed very quickly. I threaten to make you wear my black lingerie tonight if you don’t get into bed right now. Your eyes get very big and you become very excited. You keep touching Mommy’s smooth beautiful legs.

You are thrilled and aroused. I make you strip. I put you into a little black silky nightie and matching panties, then make you climb straight into my bed. You are starting to feel funny in your tummy. I see you rubbing yourself under the blanket. Well, Mommy’s panties made you hard and now Mommy is going to have to make you feel better so you can drift off to a peaceful night sleep.

I give you a very special kiss in a very special place, and you feel much better!


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