Hey Panty Boys, I Want the Details!

My dearest little panty boys, I know you picked up some new panties at Victoria Secrets. It’s so easy this time of year to buy new panties. I’m dying for you to tell me all about them. Maybe even send me pics of you in your new little panties.

I want to know all the details! What color are they? Where did you get them? Was it exciting to hand them to the sales lady when you were buying them? Did she give you a little wink or little smile? Of course she knew they were for you!

Don’t they feel so good?  I bet they look so cute on you. What style did you buy, bikini or thong?

I can’t wait for you to call me and tell me all the details. Then, I am going to make you cum so super hard in your brand new sexy panties!



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