Foot and Stocking Worship

I know you cannot look away from my long legs encased in sheer black stockings. I know you want to kneel and touch them. Feel how silky they are?  Wouldn’t they feel good wrapped around your cock and balls? You need to worship my feet and earn one of those stockings to jack off with, don’t you?

You need to take my delicate ankle in your hand and lavish a lot of attention sucking my toes. Foot fetish and socking fetish phone sex is so hot, I can’t blame you for wanting to adore my black stocking covered thighs. With your fingers, you can peel the stockings down. Watch that sheer silky material slide down my leg. Put those pink toes in your mouth and wrap the stocking around your hard cock and begin to masturbate.

Doesn’t it feel like heaven to have my still warm stocking wrapped around your shaft? You will feel so much pleasure when we have the steamiest stocking fetish phone sex call ever. Let’s play footsie today.


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