Hard Problem


Tonight, you’re struggling with your math homework. I’m not that great at math, but I do what I can to do to help you.

I sit down across the kitchen table from you and lean over so I can see your homework. You seem to be having quite a bit of difficulty tonight concentrating.

You’re usually a great student. I can see that you’re struggling. For instance, you have your hand in your lap instead of holding our pencil. You’re cranky and keep asking if you can be excused. I keep telling you not until your homework is done.

Finally, I realize the root cause of your problem is not your math assignment. I realize that you have a hard cock between your legs from looking down Mommy’s cleavage.

Well, I am a super cool, very nurturing Mommy who knows how to take care of her sweet and sexy boy. I always help you take care of your hard problems.


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