Naughty School Girl

You watch me every morning while I wait for the school bus with my girlfriends. All of us girls wait together, but I stand out among them. Looking at me makes your cock hard.

Maybe you like the way my long blonde hair flows when I walk. Maybe it’s the way the morning sun shines on my hair.  Maybe it’s the confidence in my walk, or maybe it is the sexy shoes that you know must be against dress code. Maybe it’s the way I blow big pink bubbles with my bubble gum.  Perhaps, it’s the way I look at your house, knowing that you’re looking at me. I bend over giving you a glimpse of my white panties under my skirt as I bend down to adjust my shoe.

I bet this is the best part of your day. I bet you wish I would stop by after school and show you what a naughty school girl can do to that hard cock of yours.



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