Gang Bang Daddy

   Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing! 

I rush home from school hoping to have the house to myself, but there you are. I hear strange sounds from my bedroom, so I quietly open the door to see. There you are in my sexy lingerie. I try not to laugh, but everything is just all wrong for you. You try and make excuses, something about a Halloween costume. I know the truth.

                I tell you that I can make you into such a sexy bitch, but you will need a makeover. Those hairy legs need to go! 

I shave your legs and then lots of sweet smelling  lotion for those sexy legs. You sit at my vanity as I put on your makeup. Lots of mascara and shiny lip gloss. The men love to see smeared makeup rolling down your face after you give a blowjob.

Now stockings to show off those sexy long legs and of course, heels to show off your fuckable round ass.

You look amazing! So naughty and sexy.

Oh no! Now you are all dressed up with no place to go.  Don’t worry, your baby girl has a plan. I start texting all my guy friends from school. Now it’s a party!

You drool as you see all the football players from school arrive. Time to turn you out.



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