Modeling For My Son

    My phone sex son came home super disappointed. He loves his photography class, but it was canceled for the day. I did a bit of modeling years ago and offered to help him out. 

He gave me one of those bored looks and went to his room.  It sounded like so much fun to me. I would try on different outfits and let me suggest how I would pose.

I knocked on his door and suggested it again. He shrugged his shoulders, but decided why not. 

He went through my closet and picked out a few items that I hadn’t worn in many years. We started with evening wear. I put on a very sexy red dress for him and he snapped away.

We were having so much fun. We took a break and had a few glasses of chilled white wine. We were both giggling and I could tell my son was getting rather excited. 

I asked him what I should wear next and what a surprise that was!  He suggested we do some nude shots, or as he said artistic shots. I wasn’t born yesterday and I couldn’t miss that huge erection in his pants.  I suggested maybe I could help him with his big problem. Soon, we were taking much more than art photos. 


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