I Saw My Mommy Morgan Kissing Santa Claus

You wake up early Christmas morning with very confusing thoughts.

You saw Mommy in the living room last night with Santa Claus. She kissed him, wet open mouth kisses. She tickled his balls through his pants until she dropped down to her knees. Mommy Morgan pulled his pants down, kissed his balls and tickled them with her tongue. Then she sucked him. She took his big hard cock in her mouth. Mommy Morgan sucked Santa’s cock!

Santa took off Mommy’s tight little red top. He touched and licked her sexy big tits. He got Mommy naked and fucked her, right there on the living room floor next to the Christmas tree.

You lay in your bed, stroking your hard stiffy with these images in your head. Was it a dream or was it real? You always get the best presents on Christmas. Maybe this is because Mommy takes such good care of Santa Claus!

You know if you lay in bed long enough, your Mommy Morgan is going to come in to your bedroom and she will see that tent in your sheets. Maybe she will take care of your hard cock too. That would be the best present ever!

Merry Christmas!



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