Are You a Leg Man?


I love showing off my long, sexy legs any chance I can get. I’m always wearing short skirts or tight, skimpy dresses with a hot pair of stiletto heels.

Guys stare at me everywhere where I go. I have big breasts, firm round ass, and legs for days. I always catch them eyeing my legs first and then their eyes start to wander up my body.

I love wearing anything to show off my long, tan legs. I always get stares from men and woman when I go shopping in a tight, skimpy dress. I love watching as their jaws drop and their eyes linger on me. I guess you could say I am a tease.

It’s so flattering to know that men are so turned on by me. Some guys have actually admitted that when they see me in a skirt they imagine me wrapping my legs around their head or around their hips. They say that just picturing that gets them an instant hard-on and it gives me the power to get anything out of them. Trust me, I’ve used this to my advantage and I get everything I want and more. 

Are you a leg man? What would you do if you saw a pair like mine? 




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