Erotic Wet Dream


Mommy went on her date tonight, so you’re home alone. You used this opportunity to watch porn past your bedtime. You know that it is against Mommy’s rules to watch porn right before bed.

You heard Mommy come home, so you turned off the light and the computer. When she checked on you, you pretended to be asleep. You kept your eyes closed and you were afraid to move a muscle despite the stiffy in your pajama bottoms. She gave you a little kiss on your head and returned to her date waiting for her.

You heard Mommy and her date talking in the living room. Finally, you drifted off to a restless sleep. You had sexy dreams all night long. There was one very vivid naughty dream. You dreamed about your pretty teacher stripping in front of the class, and then your dream shifted a bit. You dreamt Mommy Morgan was your teacher and she was half-naked in front of the entire class. She walked towards you with her big breasts exposed. She asked to if you were hard, and before you could answer, your alarm went off and it was time to get up.

The dream was shocking but quite erotic. You left a wet stain on your pajama bottoms and on your sheets. You had your first erotic wet dream. Maybe you should tell your Mommy Morgan all about your first wet dream. She will know what to do! Mommy always knows Best!

Love and Kisses,

Mommy Morgan


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