Sniff, Sniff Loser!

Happy Valentines Day, losers!

 I know exactly what you want today. Of course, I am not going to give you my ass right away. You have to earn it. 

I love to see you quiver on your subbie knees, patiently waiting for me to bend over. You want it so bad, your mouth is watering. You’re such a pathetic loser waiting for my asshole to be backed up to your face. I love hearing you beg when I spread open my perfect ass cheeks apart. You want to taste my ass so badly.

I grab the back of your head and bury your nose into my ass and make you sniff. You try to slide your tongue inside my asshole but I slap your face. It makes me laugh hearing you whimper and cry because you want to taste my ass so badly.

Sniff only, loser!

I love making you feel so weak and submissive you’ll do anything for my ass and I mean anything!


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