A Hard Day

I get a call in the middle of the day from your school.

Apparently, you had a “hard day” and ended up in the office. Your Principal is a nice man. He explains your situation.

You have a very pretty Math teacher. She wears cute dresses, but she is inexperienced. She does not know the best way to handle the fact that you are hard. She told you to do a math problem on the board, but you refused and kept your hand in your lap. She got mad and sent you to the office for discipline. You are a young man now and your body is changing. Your body reacts to the sight of a pretty lady like your Math teacher.

Right after I hang up the phone, I drive over to the school to bring you home. You do not need to finish the day. You are not in trouble with Mommy. I am not mad. I have a big warm smile for you. I give you a long hug and little kiss.

As you get into the car, you notice that I am wearing my tight little red sweater. You like it when I wear this sweater. I notice that you are trying to place your books to cover your lap. I understand, sweetheart. You have another erection.

There is quite a bit of traffic due to construction on the bridge and it is going to take us a while to get home. It is okay, just pull your stiff erection out of your pants and make if feel better. You are not in trouble. Your body is sending you a message and it’s best to tend to it. Mommy knows how to take care of you. Mommy will help!


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