Best Cure For My Boredom

My husband and sons were going out of town. He made me promise him that I was going to be good and stay faithful while he was gone. I really did try to. For about 5 minutes. I get bored very easy and when I get bored, I want to fuck.

As luck would have it, my oldest son’s friends stopped in. I told him he wasn’t home, but he could come in and keep me company if he wanted. I knew he did. He was always looking at me with lust in his eyes.

He followed me in and immediately dropped his jeans to expose his big cock. My mouth watered and I sucked him in deep. I could tell he had never fucked a real woman before. These teen girls can’t suck cock like and experienced woman like me.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me up, put me on the kitchen counter and buried his face deep into my cunt. He was so enthusiastic and I came on his tongue quick. I was begging him to fuck me. He told me he didn’t have a condom and I didn’t care!

He shoved it in balls deep and started pounding hard. He was so excited that it didn’t last very long. I rubbed his arm and told him it was okay. I hopped off the counter and led him to the bedroom. After a weekend with me, he could last for hours. Teaching him to really fuck a woman was the best cure for my boredom.



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