Mommy’s Panties


You hit the jackpot this morning. You find Mommy Morgan’s dirty panties on the floor. Saturday is laundry day. Mommy must have dropped this pair in the hall on her way to the laundry room.
You scoop up that pair of panties. Immediately, you bring those soft, silky panties up to your nose. You sniff, long and hard. The most beautiful, intoxicating scent hits in your nose. You’re so happy, but feel something stirring between your legs. You have this uncontrollable¬†urge to put on Mommy’s panties.

Her panties are so soft. As you get naked and step into her panties, your heart is racing. You’re so excited as you slip the panties over your stiff shaft. Quietly, you tiptoe into Mommy’s bedroom. You look at yourself in the mirror. Mommy walks in as you rub your cock through her panties. She is surprised but not angry. Mommy hugs you and suggests that there is a very pretty bra to go with those panties. Should I go get them?



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