Hot Ass Play


 Everyone loves my juicy ass and once you get a taste of me, you’ll be craving it night and day.

You please me and I’ll take care of you in return. Let me get up on the bed and show you what it’s all about.

I lean against the wall while you position yourself behind me like a good ass slut. I want your mouth buried in my ass, licking my puckered hole. Each moan I give you, your tongue darts in and out of my ass nice and deep. The deeper you go, the more moans you will get from me. That’s how you will know your taking care of me properly.

I bet your cock is rock hard from slurping on my juicy hole. I want to feel a little pain, just ease your big cock in my tight hole. I can’t get enough of some hot ass play.

You can lick it, suck it, and fuck it. You’ll be very pleased with my assets. It’s well worth it. 




Written By: Gracie
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