Moans Coming From Mommy’s Bedroom

You had a great day playing video games and helping Mommy bake cookies. You frosted the cut-outs and made sure you licked the bowl clean. After dinner, Mommy seemed tired, so you offered to clean the kitchen for her.

She thanked you with a kiss on your forehead and a big smile. Then she slipped into her bathroom for a long soak in the tub. You ask Mommy if she wants to watch a movie with you. You love watching movies with Mommy and snuggling together under a warm blanket.

Tonight, however, Mommy declines your offer and says she is heading to bed early. Mommy claims that she is going to read in bed for a while, but encourages you to watch the movie without her. Mommy is wearing a pretty little white nightie. It is so pretty on her. The nightie is all white and lacy. You would rather hang-out with Mommy, especially when she looks so pretty.

You watch the movie alone, but you get bored quickly. You keep thinking about how pretty Mommy looks tonight in her white nightie. You turn off the movie and head towards Mommy’s bedroom. You are standing outside her bedroom door, debating whether you should go in or not.  As you stand outside her door, you hear a noise. Maybe you imagined it. There it is again, but it is louder this time.

You open up the door and see Mommy on the bed, but her pretty white nightie is on the floor. Mommy is thrashing around on the bed with her fingers between her legs. Her legs are spread. She is grinding her fingers into her pussy and moaning. She is making a lot of noise.

Now, Mommy has caught you playing with yourself several times over the last few weeks, but the tables have turned. Tonight, you catch Mommy playing with herself!!! You become so excited and anxious to let Mommy know that you caught her being naughty as she masturbates in her bed.


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