Daddy Has A Crush

               I was daydreaming about when I was away at college and my visits home.  High school and college were such exciting times for me. I had so much fun and partied so much, that it was a miracle I got such excellent grades. I normally dated smart boys, but fucked the cool ones. Daddy always seemed so curious when I brought home a new boy.

          Back then I had several fuck boys, but my favorite was Sam. Tall, muscled, and a jock.  Him and daddy would talk for hours.  It didn’t occur to me then, but I think daddy had a thing for my Sammy. 

       My second night home, Sam and I had a long fuck session. I kept getting interrupted by what I thought was someone at the door. I was right, daddy had his ear to my bedroom door.  I ignored it and went back to fucking Sam.  

Later that night when Mom, and Sam were asleep, I texted phone sex daddy. I told him I heard him at my door and I have a little treat for my naughty daddy. I laid on my tummy and spread my ass cheeks wide. “Daddy, Sam came in my ass and you need to lick me clean”, I whispered. I didn’t have to tell him twice. Looks like me and daddy are about to take our daddy/daughter relationship to the max!


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