Soft Mommy Tits


I wake up to find you standing by the side of my bed watching me sleep. I have an early day tomorrow and I need to get back to sleep.

I pull the covers back and motion for you to join me. You sigh and say how much you love snuggling. You are spooning me and I can feel a bit of something going on in your pants. It feels so good, but I just won’t get any sleep if I feel that against me all night. 

I pull away from you and turn around. I see how you stare at my soft mommy tits when you think I am not looking. It’s okay, baby. Everyone loves soft mommy tits. I wrap my soft hand around your throbbing cock. I dribble a little warm saliva down my cleavage. I lay on my back, push my tits together, and invite you to fuck them. 


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