Harley and Mr. J Forever

It’s been a long week already. Hasn’t it?  I bet you’re needing the exact same thing as me today. What’s that you wonder? Maybe you don’t wonder, because you know me so very well.  I’ve been thinking about you all day. I have picked out my outfit, and trust me it’s fucking sexy! 

I take a long shower making every inch of my body soft, clean and smooth. I quickly get dressed, then text you where I will be. I see you in the crowd, and you look amazing.

I can’t wait for that first kiss. I grab you hand and we duck into a dark alley. I push you against the wall and grind against you. Fuck! You feel so good. I bite the back of your neck and stroke your cock through your pants. You’re so hard for me.

  You push me away and then pin me against the wall. Yes, this is just what I have been needing and missing.


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