ABDL Babysitter

 I know its a little different but on the side I have a babysitting service. It isn’t the normal kind of sitting service you would think. I am a sitter for adult babies. I watch them while there “Mommies” and “care takers”  go out and have adult time or to go shopping and running errands.

   My service is very fun and very profitable. I have a special adult nursery set up in my spare room for all my adult babies. I keep a good supply of adult diapers and baby wipes, and things that I will need to care for my special babies.

    I love playing games, feeding, reading to them, and cuddling with my special babies.  They’re all so sweet and cuddly.

If you need some TLC, I am a great ABDL sitter.


Written By: Chasity
Call Chasity @ 1-866-427-3996
Email: chasityluv2strip@aol.com


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