Always A Daddy’s Girl

     My favorite times growing up was when daddy and I were the only ones home. My mother traveled a lot for her job. Poor daddy, he would get so lonely especially at night.

My phone sex daddy is tall, sexy and has amazing muscles. Is it strange for a girl to talk about her daddy like that? 

   I have a naughty confession to tell that happened when I was younger. I bought a cute thong and silky camisole top in preparation for the special night. I heard him come home around 11 pm. He must of been so tired. I waited, getting so excited for what the night will bring. I took a deep breath, then opened his bedroom door.  He was undressing and I pretended not to look. 

              I told daddy that I wanted to have a movie night with him. I told him to pick something we both would like.

I went back to my room and changed into my sexy lingerie. He tried not to look, but he couldn’t help but stare. I climbed into his bed, all set for a movie.

                I began making lazy circles on his arm, with my finger nails. He seemed to enjoy that, so my fingers went down further. I heard him take a breath and then moved my hand. I moved it back and a bit lower. Daddy said, “no”.  I didn’t care and kept moving my hand down his body some more.

                  I looked into his eyes and told him that I hear him and mommy in bed. I told him that I will do all the things she won’t. Daddy was on his side, I started kissing down his back, then his ass cheeks. Daddy could no longer take it and he pushed my head so my tongue went so deep in his asshole. 

                     Want to hear a little secret? I still visit daddy, every chance I get. 


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