Smeared Lipstick

       In honor of national Lipstick weekend, I left my smeared lip prints wherever I could. I started slowly with just some simple and sweet kisses on the cheeks of some of my friends. At my job as a bartender, I gave my regulars a little lipstick kiss on their glass. I exchanged kisses with a few of my sexy female regulars, mixing our lipstick together. 

I took my favorite regular to the restroom for his special lipstick print. I ripped open his shirt and started to slowly kiss my way down. As I got past his perfect flat tummy to his cock, my lipstick began to smear. As it mixed with his pre-cum, it became a shade of pink.  I could taste his pre-cum on my soft, glossy lips. 

I needed to re-do my lipstick, but I had none with me. I told the man to stay put and I would be back.  I borrowed some more lipstick right off a hot blondes lips. I take her hand and she then joins me with her smeared lipstick. 


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