Wrapping Your Lips Around Tommy Lee

I saw something the other day that kept me in bed all fucking day. I saw Tommy’s Lee’s fucking enormous, sexy cock. Big, thick, and perfect. When I had enough of me time, I began thinking of the fuck toys in my life. Sorry guys, none of you can even fucking compare. Then I decided maybe it was time I went on a quest. I even had the perfect guy friend to take along. 

He was so excited when I texted him. He gushed over all the clothes I suggested he wear. He seems to love pink. While applying his pink, shiny lipstick, he seemed a little annoyed.  Ah, of course for now on, especially in our quest, he will be a she. 

           Apparently, we have the same taste in bed. Bad boys!  I suggested the local biker hangout.  The huge, shiny, sexy bikes were all in a row in the parking lot. My friend and I seemed to be the only females around. The “is your cock as big as Tommy Lee’s quest begins”.



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