Visiting Mommy

      You stop by your mom’s house to drop some things off. Your adorable baby girl decides to stay in the car texting friends. You and your mommy are looking outside, talking about how cute she is. Your mommy takes it a bit further. She wonders who your girl is talking too? She suggests maybe it’s her boyfriend and you wonder if the talk is sexy.

             That doesn’t really surprise you, as your mommy can be a bit of a naughty tease. As you stare at her from the window, your mommy starts making dirty suggestions. Why not take our your penis, she suggests to you. Oh god, you can’t believe your mom is talking like that. She tells you that your baby girl is more than likely rubbing herself while talking. 

About then, you needed privacy. You were about to excuse yourself to the restroom, when she stopped you. She steered you back to the window and dropped to her knees. Is this really going to happen? Your mom sucking your cock while you watch your baby girl play with her pussy? 


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