Horny Girl Teases Men



I’ve always been told I’m a huge flirt. I’ve also been told that at times I take it way too far! I learned from the best watching one of my neighbors.

Men and even boys just loved her. They were always making excuses to cut her lawn, bring in her groceries, and they even would hang around her open window just hoping to get a peek inside her bedroom.

I loved all the attention she was getting, so I decided I wanted some of her action.  I started small, as I was a little scared to do it.  I knew the FedEx man was coming so I began to undress with my front door open. Did he ever get an eyeful. I did that several times for anyone coming to my house. It was fun and all but I could do more.

There’s lots of horny, hot guys at the mall so, why not?  I put my private school uniform back on, and I took off my panties. My skirt wasn’t really short enough to give the men a show, so I pulled it up from the waist. Much better.

Once I got to the mall, I got myself a strawberry ice cream cone.  Going up the elevator, I made contact with a man going down. Giggles. I wonder if he wanted a taste of my ice cream?



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