Dirty Little Panty Boy


Oh no, not again! It looks and smells as though my little boy has soiled his pretty white panties yet again. Mommy has told you time and time again that if this keeps happening you will be put in diapers. I just can’t deal with your accidents anymore.
I clean you all up and then give you an enema. You beg me to let you release your dirty fluids, but I won’t since this is your punishment.  Your tummy begins to hurt and my big baby boy begins to cry. “Please, Mistress please, my little tummy hurts so bad”, he cries. I am annoyed and I slap his face till he is sobbing.
I finally let him release the nasty liquid and powder his bottom. Such a dirty boy he is! I diaper him up and accidentally prick him with the big, sharp safety pin. He is crying again, so I slap his ass and give him even more of a reason to cry.


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