Haunted House Adventure with Aunt Drew

drewMy nephew wanted me to take him to a hunted house this year and being the cool Aunt that I am, I told him HELL YES! My phone sex nephew loves spending time with me and I think he’s got a little crush on me.

When we got their he seemed a little frightened. Before we even entered the house, there was scary clowns coming up to us and guys with masks holding chainsaws, even I thought it was creepy and I love horror. I told him to hold on tight to me.

When it was our turn to enter, things got a little more creepier and we couldn’t see a thing, It was so dark. My young nephew kept clinging to me saying “Aunt Drew I’m scared.” As we were going through the pitch black rooms, I felt his hands all over me. I noticed it was more in a sexual way than a frightened way. At one point, his hands groped my huge tits and flicked my nipples. It finally dawned on me that this was his way of wanting to “play” with his Aunt.

I didn’t stop him at all. It felt good to have his young hands all over me. I had a little fun with him as well. When I felt him touch my thigh, I made sure to move his hand up to my wet thong to let him know Auntie Drew likes getting naughty.

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