Hot and Wet

sexy bikini

It was a great weekend with you. 

It started on Saturday at a beach party. A friend of a friend was having a party, and I bought a sexy new bikini for the event. There were fun, exciting people just hanging out, swimming, drinking and laughing. Everyone was having a blast! The sun was warm on my skin, so I decided to take a swim in the ocean. 

After my swim, I walked towards the group to join the party again. You were standing there watching me walk toward the crowd. You grabbed a towel and wrapped me up in it. Whispering something in my ear about looking like a Bond Girl. I smiled but didn’t understand the reference. As you dry off my shoulders, I look up into your eyes.  You are so handsome.  I shiver. You mistake that for me being cold instead of being aroused. 

You take me inside the house away from the party. We find a guest bedroom, and you wrap my hot wet body in a blanket. I can’t stand it one second longer. I lean in and kiss you. I beg you to take me, fuck me right here. My hot, wet naked body needs you inside of me. 


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