Your Sexy Intern Phone Sex


You have to fly to Miami, and you are dreading another business trip. This trip turns out to be quite fun and adventuresome, but it does not start out that way. You check in very late due to being stuck in Dallas. The room you wanted was given to another guest, but I check you in. At first, you are short with me. I can see you are tired and travel weary. I take a deep breath, and I find a junior suite available and get warm food and a big salad sent up to your room. You appreciate the way I take care of you. I even break the rules, and I sneak into the bar.  I send up up a scotch with your dinner.  

After your business meeting, we run into each other in the lobby.  You see me in a swimsuit and cover-up. I explain that I am just an intern and they are short tonight at pool service.  I flirt and tease you to join me in my section for dinner by the pool. Normally, you cannot think of a worse dining experience, but I am so charming and sexy, you take me up on my suggestion. 

When you arrive for dinner, I greet you and escort to one of my tables. You really like the way that I look in my swimsuit. None of the other girls have my sexy curves. When it comes to ordering, I sit down next to you and brush my hand against yours.  I point out the best selections and allow you to have a crystal glass instead of a plastic glass. Who wants to drink a scotch from a plastic glass? 

It is obvious that I am attracted to you. When you finish your dinner, you invite me up to your room. I am thrilled and excited to join you for a night of passion and hot steamy sex.


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