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My Pantyhose Are Irresistible

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Very few things bring me greater joy than teasing a man with a sexy little pair of pantyhose. I like them shiny and sheer to show off my oh-so-irresistible legs. I like to tease a man from across the table, wearing a pair of five-inch stilettos, my tits pouring out of the top of my dress just enough to demand attention. Just when I feel like the guy is about to regain enough composure to look away, I take my five-inch heel and gently run it up his unsuspecting calf, up his thigh, only to rest it right between his legs.

Does it turn you on?

I sit next to you on the couch and rest my legs up on your lap. You start to rub my calves without even thinking and soon your horny fingers are dancing their way up my thighs. You find my pantyhose nothing short of mesmerizing and the smile I’m giving you makes you hard almost without thought. I will wrap my pouty, lips around your finger and give it a playful little lick and suck while my heel finds your hardness in your pants.

I wrap my sexy little pantyhose covered feet around your cock and give you the foot job of your dreams. I notice your greedy eyes wandering between my thighs as I work your dick with my pretty little toes, slowly up and down while I smile at you.


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Worshipping My Sexy Feet

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I’ve had such a long day at work, and I can’t wait to get off my feet. Before I can even lift my legs to relax, you have them in your hands. You sit on the ottoman in front of me, removing my 6 inch heels. I moan as I feel your hands rubbing my pretty feet. Your fingers press hard, working all the tension out of them. My eyes close, my body relaxing.

As I feel your lips against the arch of one foot, my eyes open again. I watch your tongue trail all over my foot, sending shivers all over my body. Your eyes look into mine as you suck my toes into your mouth, giving each one attention. The feel of your tongue makes my pussy clench.

You take my other foot and place it against your hard cock. I caress the bulge through your pants, applying just the right pressure to make you moan against my foot. My hands grip the arms of the chair as you continue to worship my feet.

I watch as you stand in front of me, drop your pants and stroke your cock. You pick up both of my feet, placing them sole to sole. You slide your hard dick in between the arches, growling at the feel of it. I hold on as you lift my legs high, my ass comes off the chair.

My hand moves between my legs, rubbing my pussy as you pump my feet faster and faster. You pull away. One foot hits the floor while the other stays in your hand. You stroke your cock, cumming all over my toes. I watch as you lift my foot to your mouth, licking all that sticky cum off.

You lean over me, grabbing the back of my head and kiss me. Your hot cum goes into my mouth, leaving me wanting more.


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Young Slut in Stockings

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You love it when I wear pantyhose or sexy little stockings for you especially black thigh highs. It seems that lately you’re obsessed with them. I know you love to stroke that big cock with my silky stockings. And, more than anything you like it when I wear nothing else.

I’m such a young, tiny, hot slut in stockings for you with itty bitty fuck holes for the taking. You know what a cock whore I am and I never try to hide the fact that making my pussy squirt is all I really care about. And, I do love how sexy I feel and look when I slowly slip into my stockings for you. I’ll do whatever it takes to make your cock rock hard for my hot, teen pussy.

I climb up on your bed and spoon with you, rubbing my silky hose all over your body. Then I get your throbbing dick out and give you a hot, kinky foot job. You feel the soft, smooth silk and my  sexy toes rubbing your cock making it ache to cum.

As much as you want fuck my young pussy, you feel the urgent need to cum all over my sexy little feet. Watching your mushroom head get so big while you shoot your creamy, thick, white load all over my black silk stockings always makes my pussy squirt so hard.



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Foot Pleasure Phone Sex

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I love that you adore my feet. You pamper them and worship them any chance you get. After a long day, you massage them, and on the weekends, you send me for pedicures. The best is when you make a creamy mess on my toes when I still have my pantyhose on.

Today, I want you to slide off my pantyhose that I’ve been wearing all day. I want you to smell the scent of my dirty feet. Take the back of my foot right below my ankle and work your tongue to the arch of my foot, you’ll probably hear me give you a soft giggle because I am ticklish. 

You love servicing my feet, don’t you?

Take your fingers and your tongue and run them through each one of my cute little toes. I decide to slide my feet down your face, rubbing them down your body while I watch your cock swell up for me. You know what’s coming your way when I nudge your cock with my toes. You’ve done such a good job making me happy that it’s time that I wrap my feet around your thick, throbbing cock to get you off.



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Worship Shay’s Feet

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 I catch you staring at my beautiful feet. You can’t help but get hard as you see my perfect toenails are painted hot pink. You instantly imagine those toes wrapped around your cock, sliding up and down. You know not to get your hopes up though.  After all, a Mistress is meant to be served, not to serve you.

  If I let you cum all over my toes that will be “solely” at my discretion. 

“May I?” you ask tentatively, gesturing towards my foot. 

I smile and lift it for you so that you can slip my six inch heel off slowly. You sigh contentedly as your thumb starts to stroke the arch of my foot. It smells so good, you lean down and inhale. You become almost lightheaded, stroking my foot faster. You begin to moan as I glide my toes around your mouth. What would you do to have a little taste? You’ll have to prove yourself to me before I allow this.


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Foot and Stocking Worship

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I know you cannot look away from my long legs encased in sheer black stockings. I know you want to kneel and touch them. Feel how silky they are?  Wouldn’t they feel good wrapped around your cock and balls? You need to worship my feet and earn one of those stockings to jack off with, don’t you?

You need to take my delicate ankle in your hand and lavish a lot of attention sucking my toes. Foot fetish and socking fetish phone sex is so hot, I can’t blame you for wanting to adore my black stocking covered thighs. With your fingers, you can peel the stockings down. Watch that sheer silky material slide down my leg. Put those pink toes in your mouth and wrap the stocking around your hard cock and begin to masturbate.

Doesn’t it feel like heaven to have my still warm stocking wrapped around your shaft? You will feel so much pleasure when we have the steamiest stocking fetish phone sex call ever. Let’s play footsie today.


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