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My Ass Makes You Hot

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You’re a man who appreciates a sexy round butt. You notice my ass in sexy tight jeans at the club. While we’re on the dance floor, you pull me close to you. Your hands are on my ass, and you give my cheeks a nice squeeze, firm but meaty. Your cock gets hard on the dance floor. I spin around and dance my ass against your cock. You almost cum in your pants. My ass is so hot and is making you even hotter!

At the end of the song, I can see your predicament, that nice big bulge in your pants. I invite you back to my place and promise to make it worth your while.

We walk along the beach back to my condo. You walk with your arm around my waist and let your hand slip down to my ass. You squeeze my ass again, you want it so bad.

It’s actually a very short walk, but it seems like hours until we get back to my place. As soon as the door closes, you get me out of my jeans and top. You take me right there, in my living room.

You worship my young, round ass. You kiss and rub your hard dick all over my cheeks. You pull me up on my hands and knees and fuck me hard, from behind. You fuck me, thrusting so hard, watching your thick cock pumping in and out of slippery wet pussy.

You fuck my pussy from behind until I cum. You really want that ass! You slowly work your cock into my ass and give me a very fierce ass fucking!

Sensual Domination with Lexi

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Enter my sexual playground on your knees. That’s it good boy. You’ll notice I’m not harsh with you nor do I inflict any sort of pain upon you…why?  This is sensual domination.

My voice is low, sultry, sexy, and soft to almost a whisper. I’m in complete control over you and that rock hard man package of yours which is soon to be all mine.

I want you to close your eyes.

I walk behind you and tie my black silk scarf around you gently. Now lay down on the bed and raise your hands up over your head, and clasp them together for me. Good boy! I tie your wrists together with my black fishnets.

Already the sweet aroma coming from my scarf is intoxicating you. Did you know I rubbed it all over my clit before tying it around your face? Inhale my sweet scent.

I take an ice cube from the tray and slowly trace your nipples, and follow it down to your swollen cock. I trace the tip and then tease the shaft all the way down to your cum filled balls. They’re so heavy and ready to burst for me.

Now I straddle your face and tease your nostrils and mouth with my smooth pussy lips and swollen clit. I instruct you to take only a small taste, the rest you’ll have to earn. You do understand it’s up to me if and when you’re allowed to cum.

This is only the beginning of a very hot, sensual domination session with me and depending on your interests or fetish, we can go many places.


LexiWritten By: Lexi
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Daddy’s Favorite

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I was always been my daddy’s favorite. While my sister was busy making good grades, I was perfecting my cock sucking skills. Luckily for me, my sexy daddy was always ready and willing to teach me all he knew.

As soon as mommy was gone for the day, I would sneak into the big bed and take care of daddy’s cock. He loved my young body and would tell me how much sexier I was than my mom.

It was hard taking his entire cock at first, but I became so addicted to his fat cock. I would take it in my pussy, ass and mouth, balls deep.

I was such a good little slut for him. Even after he and my mommy divorced, I still snuck away to see him. The poundings he would give me were just too good.



LibbyWritten By: Libby
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My Ass is Made For Fucking

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It only takes a quick glance to see that I have an ass made for fucking. Inside and out, my ass is a work of art.

Come have a closer look. I’ll bend over and spread it wide for you. Looking at that little puckered hole makes your mouth water and you can’t keep your tongue out of it. Your wiggly tongue feels so good stabbing in and out. You’re getting it all wet and slippery, your fingers will just slide right in.

Can you guess how many fingers my ass can take? 1? 2? 3? Try ALL 5! I love having my ass fisted and stretched. I’ll even push back against you until you’re buried above your wrist. Don’t you love the way my ass spreads for you? Of course, the fisting you give me will only prepare my ass for the pounding from your cock! Fuck it as hard as you can. You can’t get deep enough inside.

Once you’re finished, the only thing left to do is to cream pie my slutty ass. I love having an ass full of your jizz. Fill me up!


BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Say Please

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I control your cock!  I allow you to touch your cock, but then I make you take your hand away. I threaten to hang up if you touch your cock without permission. I bring you to the edge of orgasm over and over, but I don’t let you cum.

 I have complete control over your cock and most importantly, your cum!

Finally, I let you stroke that swollen cock of yours. Your balls ache and your cock is throbbing. I make you beg and beg, I am such bratty cock teaser. 

I make you say “please” and beg again. I giggle softly in your ear. Say please one more time for me. You scream out please and I laugh as you explode all over yourself.


BreeWritten By: Bree
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Monster Trucks

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                   Everyone has a total wild side. Some might not admit it, but they sure do! We sometimes laugh inappropriately, and sometimes it’s a touch of sexy violence that gets us there. I have a caller that hits just the right spots with our calls. 

                      I love to go to super truck rallies. The noise, the men, the beer, and yes a bit of violence. Picture this. I’m in Daisy dukes, tank top, boots, and a cowboy hat. My man picks me up in his huge ass truck. Fuck, they both are so fucking hot! We have no special afternoon plans, just to drink, drive, and play. 

           I sit on his lap, as we go. He’s my King and I’m his Queen. Our crowns are a bit tarnished! Plenty of room for another, so we meet a hot young thing, and take her along. 

You’re thinking it’s sexy but where the fuck is the violence? Patience, I’m getting there.

King’s truck is huge and has lots of special equipment. Just like my King! There’s a huge traffic jam, I look at him and smile. He pulls into gear, as we begin to crush all the cars in our way. The sounds of the metal, fiberglass breaking, windows blowing out, is enough to make me cum right then and there. 

              Jealous, aren’t you? Tell me your special fantasy and I will make it come true.


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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It’s Mommy Morgan’s Day!

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 You’re Mommy’s Special Boy!  We got all dressed up and went to Brunch.  I wore my pretty yellow dress. You wore your tie and dress pants. You looked so handsome.  I kept caressing your cheek during our brunch. Our pretty waitress flashed a smile and flirted with you. I got a little jealous of her attention to you.

When we returned home, we walked hand in hand, into my backyard garden to enjoy the tulips and other spring flowers. There was a bit of chill in the air but the sun was warming us. We hugged and kissed in the garden. I felt you becoming stiff when your hands were pulling open my dress. Your mouth found its way to my right breast. You push me against the garden fence and we end up having the absolute best, sexiest Mother’s Day ever!




Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Titty Fucking

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 What can I say? Everyone loves my big, gorgeous tits. I love the way guys look at me when I arrive in a room. One of my favorite things is getting my tits fucked. It’s erotic and a sensual feeling having that thick cock slide in between my huge, glorious breasts. It turns me on even more when I get to feel a hot, sticky load of cum all over them.

Don’t forget they’re perfect for sucking and licking too. Nothing gets me off like having my nipples played with while getting my hot pussy rubbed.

I can’t wait to listen to you stroke your hard cock while I play with my big tits.


Written By: Pamela
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Hopeless Romantic

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I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic. I love romantic getaways, cuddling on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, or having a romantic date night. I know you admire my body and that’s why I love dressing up for you. Whether we go out for a night on the town, or we spend the evening at home, just the two of us, I always dress to impress. I love the whole teasing and seduction through out the night that keeps building. The heavy flirtation, the occasional squeeze, or grab of our privates, and the look in our eyes makes it so unbearable to last to the end. I feel my panties absolutely soaked with my juices and I just want to take you right here and right now.

I love the romantic gestures that lead into screaming orgasms, one after another. I want to make love all night long with the moonlight shining in the window. There would be just enough light to see our sweaty, naked bodies all over one another.

What can I say, I am a romantic at heart and I’m ready to romance your cock into the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had.



Written By: Parker
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Boss Lady Ava

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I’m the new lady in Human Resources in your office.

I am the Boss and I make the rules!

If I learn from the IT department that you’re watching porn on company time, you’ll suffer the consequences. I will punish, embarrass, and humiliate you.

You’ll be sent to my office for your punishment, and you will worship every inch of my gorgeous body. I will demand you to use your tongue to service me and to pleasure me.

You will be punished like a naughty little boy, but instead of a spanking, you will get my huge strap-on.



Written By: AvaAva
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You’ll Be The Entertainment!

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I lure you to my place with my tantalizing curves and seductive ways. I tease you and I tell you that it will be a night that you’ll never forget. You know that you can’t say no to me.

You think I’m having a party. Well, I am having a party, but you’ll be the entertainment.

When you arrive, you’re told to strip. Yes, I want you naked. In the next room, all of my best girlfriends are waiting for you. They’re sizzling hot, wearing only their best lingerie.

There’s a sexy black thong for you to wear. Now, serve the ladies! I want you to get on our knees and start licking, and be my good boy! There’s a BIG reward for you. While you’re pleasuring the ladies, I fuck you with my huge strap-on.

 When I pull out, I show off that nice gaping hole of yours.

Then the real fun starts! I bring in another guy with super big cock! I know you’re a size queen. I have complete control over you. Now start sucking his cock while the pretty ladies watch.


BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Locked Out

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                    I love treating myself to hotel stays. Lately it seems I am at a hotel more than my own home. Sometimes its a by the hour, and sometimes it’s 5 star. I was in the mood for a bit of self care, so last night was a 5 star. I love messing up those fancy sheets! The room was perfect!

                      After a long trip over, I wanted to freshen up. Rainforest shower, huge screen to watch porn, and the bath goodies smelled amazing. I filled the tub, poured a drink, and turned on some porn. Maybe a bit of girl on girl today. I closed my eyes and began to relax in the warm, bubbly water. 

         A few drinks and I begin to drift off a bit. I’m stirred by the sounds at my suite door.  It’s a girl and she seems to be locked out of her suite. I’m thinking this is odd and I really should be talking to an adult. She takes my han, and tells me she will take me to her mother. Things are getting stranger but at the same time, hot.

We finally get the suite open,and the girl plants a kiss on my lips to thank me. This is getting way more interesting by the minute. 


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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Happy Jerk It Month

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 Someone really needs to explain to me that May is for Masturbation Month? When isn’t there a month without masturbation!  Oh, I get it. Maybe you’ll just be more creative and jerk it more? Of course, you think maybe you just aren’t all that creative. Don’t you think I should be the judge of that?

You could get off by yourself, but what the fuck would be the fun in that? Are you a little shy? Not really in the mood to talk? Perfect! I love shy guys and wouldn’t it be sexy to just listen to each other getting off? 

Maybe you’re a role-play guy? I bet you have many hot fantasies for us to explore. Let’s share our stories and fantasies. 

             Happy every month is Masturbation Month.



HarleyWritten By: Harley
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Your Ass Is Mine

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You obey me, you perform my every command, and you adore me.

I train you to my perfect sex slave. I tolerate no nonsense from you. You do as you are told. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you cum.  

 I spank and tease your balls. I edge you, and my amusement comes from your moans and groans. When you beg for mercy, I laugh and tease the fuck out of you.

I make you cover that big ass in panties. Now, bend over and wiggle that ass! I pull down those silky panties and fuck your ass with big, thick strap-on. You’re my bitch and now your ass is mine.




KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Sensual Role-Play with Victoria

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I’m in the mood for a really nice sensual role-play. I love the idea of flirting with one another while getting each other worked up. I like the build up because the end result will be absolutely explosive.

I want to dress in something that would make your cock get instantly hard. I have tons of sexy lingerie outfits that I would pick out to your liking, and you better believe you will like.

I can take the lead or you can, it doesn’t matter to me as long as we are both enjoying each others company. My idea is to get one another so horny that we get out of control.

When you call me, I really want to make every minute worth it. With my sensual voice and erotic ideas, there’s no telling where this could go.



Written By: Victoria
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Teasing Older Men

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Teasing and pleasing older men is a specialty of mine. I’m just a horny little blonde that loves to torment successful men like you. You just never know what you’re going to get with me.

When I wear short skirts I forget to put panties on in the morning. I can’t help but to tease every guy I come into contact with. I can always feel their eyes scanning over my tight body. That’s when I drop something on the floor and slowly bend over to pick it up. I want to make sure everyone gets a peek at my cute teen pussy.

I bet that you wish you could get a piece of me just like the rest of them. It’s so fun being a tease, it makes my pussy soaking wet. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones and I’ll actually tease and please you.


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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One and Only Obsession

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 I know you can’t help it.  Something about my voice, my body, and the way I give direction.

I get into your head, linger there, quiet, sweet, hushed sounds of me giving you direction. You can’t concentrate, work cannot be completed, and your life seems dull. You have a yearning, want, need, like a junkie needs their fix and, you know you’ll not be satisfied until you act upon your want to call me.

You feel yourself reaching for the phone, wanting to dial, just to hear me say hello in my seductive voice. 

The reason for this feeling, this want, this unyielding desire to be near with me, even if it’s just the tone of my voice on the other end of the phone, is because you have no choice. You’ve been programed, hypnotized, bewitched by all those wonderful trigger words that have been placed in your head.

You’re not only programed to obey but I have now become your one and only obsession.


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Your Married Cock Belongs To Me

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We both know who your married cock belongs to, don’t we? You might be married to that bitch of a wife but that’s only on a piece of paper. We both know that I own your cock, and when your wife even gets near you, you go limp.

I do things to your cock that your wife could never dream of doing. I have your cock so mind fucked, that it only responds to me.

If she wants to go head to head with me, bring it on! I will totally destroy her and show her everything you have sent me; emails, presents, ect. Or maybe, I’ll show up at your house, tie her to a chair and fuck the shit out of you right in front of your wife. Maybe that bitch needs to see for herself that I own you.

When it comes to things that are mine, don’t fuck with me because you’ll always lose.

Your married cock belongs to only me, babe!


JulieWritten By: Julie
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            You like them broken, don’t you? Don’t look away from me. We both know exactly what the fuck I am talking about. Lonely, curious, sad, and very ignored. That sort of thing is what makes your dick twitch. Summer is almost here, and the parks, pools and streets will be filled with little, cute, latch keys. So you wonder just what is a Latch Key Kid. Home alone, mostly poor, and single mother works. So vulnerable. 

She’s licking an ice cream cone at the 7-11. You watch the tiny tongue as she licks. Some has melted, dripping down her t-shirt, making the adorable little bumps on chest visible. You sigh deeply, and slide your hand in your sweat pants. 

No one else is around except the store clerk. She has dropped her cone and is crying. You buy one from the clerk and you both exchange knowing looks. 

You sit in your car and show her the cone. She walks over to you and gets into your car. You hand her the dripping, vanilla cone. She asks you where you’re taking her. You smile, and never answer her. 


MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Helping Daddy Out

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I can hear them fighting again about sex. There is so many times Mommy says “no” to daddy. I can’t understand why as he is so hot and wants to do things with her I only dream about. Doors are slamming and I know that means he’s sleeping on the couch again. I wish he knew he could just snuggle up with me. When all has quieted down, I go to Mommy’s bedroom and she’s fast asleep and snoring. I don’t know how he can stand her snoring.

I go to the living room and see him on the couch with his eyes wide open and his cock out. Poor daddy is having to take matters into his own hands again. He sees me and I tell him not to stop. I tell daddy I heard everything and I would do all the things she won’t to please him. He tells me he’s sorry and he always wanted me but wanted to be gentle. “Alice baby, I’m so angry, I can’t be gentle with you and go slow”, he says.

Daddy bends me over the couch roughly and rips off my pink lace panties. He’s breathing hard and pulls my long hair. Before I can tell him that it’s okay, he slams his big, thick daddy cock into me.

Daddy is pumping me hard and calling me his little whore. I admit, I love it and my pussy is dripping. When he’s finished, he hugs me and tells me next time he’ll take it easy on me.



AliceWritten By: Alice
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