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My Landscaper is a Thief

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I’m having some yard work done and my landscaper Jeff is quite a hard worker. I really like him and he’s very easy on the eyes. 

He is also a thief. He doesn’t know it yet but I know he steals my panties out of my hamper and sniffs them inhaling the sweet smell of my musty pussy. He sniffs them and feels the wet spot where my pussy lips would sit. I should of known he was up to something when he would take a long time using the bathroom. 

Yesterday I caught him trying a pair on and jacking off in them. When I went to wash them, thick cum oozed out onto my hand.

I think I will leave a pair of wet panties in plain view sight and see if they’re still there. I know he has quite a collection and from what Lisa (my next door neighbor) says he has several pairs of her panties too.

I get so wet just thinking about what he does when he gets home with my panties. I wonder if he pretends to fuck my pussy. I bet he jerks his cock and mixes his cum with mine. Maybe one day he might get the real thing. 


Written By: Valerie
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Parking Lot Blowjobs

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             I was running late as always.  Sometimes a girl just wants to stay in bed.  I tossed on my clothes, and drove to my appointment.  The lot was packed but I finally found a spot.  I glanced over, and saw that the car next to me wasn’t empty. I really need to get to my appointment, but this looks interesting. I wonder if they will notice if I watch? I imagine they are way to busy to notice me.

It looks like a boy, maybe it’s a girl. So hard to tell without looking closer.  The man has his eyes closed, and is biting his lip. The head is now going up, and down. What do we have here? Whatever it is, I am getting super wet, and horney.  Maybe if I roll down my window. Now I can hear the man’s groans of pleasure, and the slurp’s from the littler one. 

I pulled my pants off, and began to finger myself.  I guess I was getting a little loud myself. Did I see what I thought I did? Did the boy wink at me, while giving the man a blow job? 

I dressed, and ran to my appointment. When I returned the car was gone, but there was a little note on my windshield. 

Strip Tease For My Math Teacher

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I hope I scored some bonus points in math today. I know I made my professor really happy and his hard teacher cock too.

I waited until class was over then I gave him a sexy strip tease. I never knew how naughty you can get on a teacher’s desk! I got on top of his desk, on all fours, and wiggled my tight, round booty in his face until his dick got so hard and started to throb.

He begged me not to tease him but it was so hard for him to resist. It didn’t even phase this naughty slut, I just kept on teasing until he finally broke.

He pounced on my tight pussy like a wild animal and fucked my wet, tight hole until his cock shot a huge load of thick,creamy cum in my hot pussy.

Teacher cock rocks!


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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Scat Phone Sex with Bunny

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 Scat phone sex is really hot to me. I recently had a call with a gentlemen who wanted me to greet him at the door with a turd in my mouth, dressed in my black dress.

When I opened the door, he began to kiss me deeply, by taking the piece of shit and working it in and out of our mouths.

As the excrement turned over our tongues, his cock entered me and worked with deep thrusts in and out of my ass. As the scat began to dissipate in our mouths, he moved down and began to spread the remaining portion of the turd over my exposed shoulders.

He unzipped my dress and left me standing in stockings and heels. After fucking the shit out of my ass, and mouth, he gave me a golden shower right inside of my pussy. This was so hot that I squirted my juices all over his cock.

After that he had me sit on his face, and he told me to pee in his mouth. He lapped up all the juices, cum, shit, and piss, as if he were a hungry baby. He opened my ass cheeks up and licked me clean. Boy was it a hot, nasty dirty ride.

If you would like to share some scat or golden shower fun, then call me for a kinky time.



Written By: Bunny
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Use My Hot Body

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Nothing excites me more than a hot, nasty fuck. I want heavy breathing, our hands running feverishly over each others bodies. We’re telling each other exactly how we want to be fucked, and using our naked bodies to excite and please each other.

I can’t wait to feel your fingers pinching my stiff nipples, while telling me what a dirty whore I am. My body will be writhing in anticipation of having your rock hard cock inside my sweet, wet pussy.

I want you to use my hot, tight body for your pleasure. My ass craves the feeling of a stiff shaft being crammed deep inside. You’ll see me begin to get so nasty and wild as my pussy squirts while your banging my tight ass.

Something else that really excites me are cum showers all over my body. I want you to milk every hot, sticky drop of your cum all over me. I want you to watch me rub my cum covered body while I suck the remaining jizz from the tip of your still throbbing cock.



Written By: Andrea
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Don’t Hold Back

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I’m feeling tense today. I need to relax, and need to let go. I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m hoping you can help me release this tension. I need to forget about everything around me. I need to be distracted. I need you to fuck me.
You hear me! I need you to fuck me! I need you to take me and fuck me how I like to be fucked. Don’t hold back today.
As you can see from my picture, I am already in the position and I am just waiting for you to come between my legs and give it to me hard and good.
Please don’t hold back, I am counting on you today.


KimberleyWritten By: Kimberley
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Catching You In My Panty Drawer

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I wake up early one morning. There you are, in my bedroom, sneaking into my lingerie drawer. I pretend to be asleep. I watch you carefully and gently caress each pair of panties. You look a little flushed and excited. You bring a lacy pink pair to your cheek. You let out a very soft little gasp. Next, you pull out black silk with lace trim pair of panties. These are new. I have only wore them once. You look over at me and pull out your cock. You rub my sexy new panties on your hard cock. By the way, when did you get so big?

You stroke your cock with my panties. Quietly, you close the drawer having found a pair for you to use when you masturbate.

As you walk to the door, I sit up. “Hey.”

When asked what you have in your hand, you look down at your feet. Too ashamed to look at me. You say, “Nothing, Mommy”

I make you come over the bed. I pull up the sheet over my naked body. You can see the shape of my body and hard nipples under the sheet.

Naughty boys need to be punished. Your punishment is you will model every single one of my little panties for me. You better get started. I have over 40 pairs of panties!



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Oral Fetish

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Who doesn’t love some good oral fetish phone sex? I know I do. I love talking to you and tell you how much I LOVE oral sex. Blow jobs is where sex really started to get interesting for me.

When I gave my first blow job, I learned how hot and erotic giving pleasure to someone can be. It has only gotten better through the years. I have perfected my technique and have made sure I have learned all the necessary skills needed to give a mind blowing blow job. I always make sure I have my box full of dildos handy so that I can suck on one during our call and picture it being your cock. Make sure you tell me about how big you are so I grab the right one!

Let’s have some fun with our call! Let me give you the pleasure I know you need and love.




Written By: Gracie
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Stalk, Stab, Strangle

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When I was in school, my English teacher used to give us special assignments where we would follow people. Then we would report on what we think is their life. We would take all the details and write a short story. That was one of the few things I enjoyed in fucking classes. 

Even after I left school, I still would do it on my own. I found I loved stalking people. Sometimes, it would get me so excited I had to fuck myself right after. Overtime, stalking became boring.  I need more to get the sexual rush I craved. 

I began breaking in their homes.  I would steal pills, money, jewelry and such. I would go into their devices and add  and delete things. That was fun for a while, but like all things, I got bored of it. 

When I got bored of that, I began breaking into their homes at night with them asleep. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and quietly went up the stairs. They were sleeping soundly. I woke the man up with my hands on his balls. He tried to scream, but can’t. I smile, and stab him several times. His wife is next.

Make sure to lock your doors tonight. Then again, why bother. 


MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Use Me

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I’ve been very dominate lately. As much as I enjoy doing the taking, I’ve missed being used. I’m a true switch, after all. Turning a man into my personal sissy makes me so hot, but so does having my holes abused. I’m long overdue for a good pounding. I need to have my limits pushed and challenged.

My hand is already between my legs thinking about the last real fucking I took. He had tied me down tight, leaving me at his mercy. He circled the bed looking at my nude body, stroking his cock. He straddled me and started slapping my tits. I squealed and squirmed underneath him when he began to twist my nipples, hard.

Once he had me shaking, he thrusted his hard cock between my tits. He pulled my hair until my mouth fell open for that huge purple head. His hand went behind me and started to finger fuck my aching pussy.

Right as I was about to cum, he pulled his fingers away. I screamed and arched my hips, needing to explode. He laughed at me and slapped my face, smearing my juices all over my cheeks. My begging and pleading only turned him on and he blew his load all over my face and neck. Then he left me there. Covered in his cum and dying for release. He spent the rest of the night torturing me like this, until he finally allowed me to cum.


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Just What The Doctor Ordered

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I can tell how tense you are and I know exactly what will make you feel better. You need a massage. Nope, not your normal shoulder rubbing massage: a prostate massage!

Just lay back for me. I’ll put a pillow under your ass to prop you up a bit for my mouth and fingers. I wouldn’t go too fast. These things have to be worked up too.

I would start by taking your cock in my mouth while I rimmed your asshole with a finger. I want you hard and I promise you will be. My slick lips will kiss down the shaft and start working on your balls next. From there, your ass will get the rimming it deserves. My tongue will swirl and then push inside a little.

I put some lube on my fingers and replace my tongue. I start with one finger, then add a second one. Once they’re both in, I start to wiggle my fingers. As I move them faster, I take your cock back in my mouth.

After pumping my fingers in and out for a few minutes, you flood my throat with your cum. I immediately feel your body relax. Just what the doctor ordered.


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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A Bit of Poison With Your Pleasure

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The men and women in my life try so hard to forget me. The places I take them terrifies them, but it also excites them more than they ever thought possible. For that reason you must take your Poison with your pleasure.

Your hand is shaking, you say “hello” in this little scared voice. 

You start with questions, way to many fucking questions. I promise you, I will make you use a ball gag if you don’t shut up with the annoying questions.  

Now you are doing all the tiresome things men do when they don’t want to be honest with me. Nothing is too extreme or violent for me. You cannot shock me, you never could. You like them young? Silly, stupid man. So do I. 

After our call, you might try to forget me. You can’t, can you?   Be brave for once, take what it is you crave. 


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Visiting Mommy

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      You stop by your mom’s house to drop some things off. Your adorable baby girl decides to stay in the car texting friends. You and your mommy are looking outside, talking about how cute she is. Your mommy takes it a bit further. She wonders who your girl is talking too? She suggests maybe it’s her boyfriend and you wonder if the talk is sexy.

             That doesn’t really surprise you, as your mommy can be a bit of a naughty tease. As you stare at her from the window, your mommy starts making dirty suggestions. Why not take our your penis, she suggests to you. Oh god, you can’t believe your mom is talking like that. She tells you that your baby girl is more than likely rubbing herself while talking. 

About then, you needed privacy. You were about to excuse yourself to the restroom, when she stopped you. She steered you back to the window and dropped to her knees. Is this really going to happen? Your mom sucking your cock while you watch your baby girl play with her pussy? 


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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My Pantyhose Are Irresistible

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Very few things bring me greater joy than teasing a man with a sexy little pair of pantyhose. I like them shiny and sheer to show off my oh-so-irresistible legs. I like to tease a man from across the table, wearing a pair of five-inch stilettos, my tits pouring out of the top of my dress just enough to demand attention. Just when I feel like the guy is about to regain enough composure to look away, I take my five-inch heel and gently run it up his unsuspecting calf, up his thigh, only to rest it right between his legs.

Does it turn you on?

I sit next to you on the couch and rest my legs up on your lap. You start to rub my calves without even thinking and soon your horny fingers are dancing their way up my thighs. You find my pantyhose nothing short of mesmerizing and the smile I’m giving you makes you hard almost without thought. I will wrap my pouty, lips around your finger and give it a playful little lick and suck while my heel finds your hardness in your pants.

I wrap my sexy little pantyhose covered feet around your cock and give you the foot job of your dreams. I notice your greedy eyes wandering between my thighs as I work your dick with my pretty little toes, slowly up and down while I smile at you.


JulieWritten By: Julie
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Giving The Neighbors a Show

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I may look sweet, but I can be really bad. My small town can’t handle me. I like to wash my car in my little bikini. The neighbor women aren’t too happy because their husbands can’t stop staring at me.

The other day I was washing my car when I noticed to neighbor that I babysit for was checking me out. I gave a little wave and put on a show for him. I lathered myself up with the soap and water and rubbed my perky tits and tight pussy. I think he liked this little show because he made his way over. I dripped the wet sponge all over him. I pressed my tits into his chest and gave his cock a gentle rub.

I then pulled his shirt and dragged him in front of the car. I pushed him down and unzipped his pants. I loved sucking his big, throbbing cock. I sucked his cock like I have never sucked a cock before. He filled my mouth with his warm, creamy cum.

I left him there and continued washing my car. I looked over and noticed a few neighbors had got a show. I am really hoping they may want to join next time.


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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Are You A Bad Boy?

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Are you a bad boy?
Ever since I was in my teens, I’ve been totally attracted to bad boys, especially if they were older. I wanted the bad boy drop-outs, bikers, tattooed, and motorcycle guys. I love the guys who have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, baseball hat on backwards, and a guy who has a little scruffy beard. 

I’m older now and I still am addicted to bad boys BUT now I love the bad boys in bed! I like when guys want to try new things and that are open to anything.
I’ve done a lot of kinky things but what is a turn-on for me is when a guy wants to try something he’s never done before. I like being the first girl you’ve tried something naughty with, it means you’ll never forget me.

Come be bad with me, I’ll bring out that naughty bad boy that’s inside of you!


Written By: Aimee
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I Love Fucking Your Husband

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Every now and then I get women calling me either for phone sex or a concerned callers wife because he can’t keep his shit discreet. Here’s a shocker: some of my callers tell me their wives know about me and they like reading my blogs (when I actually do blog).

So for all the lonely, unattractive housewife’s out there that are wondering why your husband doesn’t want to fuck you as much, this is for you!

I love when your husband worships my big tits, he always tells me how much bigger and firmer they are compared to yours. He also loves the fact that he can fuck my ass anytime he wants. You always say no when he mentions it to you but when he asks me, my pussy gushes for the anticipation to butt fuck me.

I’m no homewrecker but I do love my men satisfied and if you’re not getting the job done at home, my holes are always there for him.

I’m a tell it like it is kinda girl. So ladies, if it bothers you, maybe you need to do something about it; or not because I really enjoy making married cock cum. And, who better to do it than… Yours Truly!

The One and Only,


MemphisWritten By: Memphis
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Lake House with Aunt Ava

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Your family rents a lake house for the entire family to celebrate the last weekend of summer. You are very excited to learn that your sexy Aunt Ava is going to be there. You love her curves and her flirty ways. She embarrasses you sometimes, but she is so exciting. You cannot keep your eyes off of her.

You love to watch her when she does not know that you are watching. You like to hide in the shadows when she is changing clothes, in the shower, or sunbathing topless. Her boobs are so big and her big round ass is so sexy. Girls at school are flat and timid. Aunt Ava is curvy and bold.

You love it when Auntie hugs and squeezes you. She pulls you right into her chest. Your cock gets hard with your face pressed into her chest.

This is the summer that Aunt Ava will make a man out of you and teach you everything there is to know about sex.


Written By: AvaAva
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Nipple Stimulation

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As you can see, my breasts receive a lot of attention. I love finding the sexiest, tightest shirts; making sure my tits are on full display for your viewing pleasure.

My fingers always play with my nipples while I’m masturbating. Of course, it’s not the same as when someone else is stimulating my nipples by rubbing, biting, kissing, and licking. My pussy drips the hardest when I am getting my pussy pumped while my nipples are being pulled.

One of my fantasies is having full, lactating tits and feeding them to you as I am riding your cock. I think that’s so incredibly hot.

I know some men enjoy their nipples played with as well and I am always willing to please. You would defiantly enjoy my lips and tongue swirling around your nipples as I am riding you.

If you would enjoy some nipple stimulation with a sexy, single, big breasted blonde; I am waiting for you.


Written By: Aimee
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Virgin Pussy

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You know you shouldn’t think the taboo things you do but your cock craves a young, virgin pussy. Seeing me in my flaunt around in my tiny little panties drives you so crazy that you don’t even care anymore. The very thought of popping my virgin cherry makes your dick ooze a little jizz.

Finally, you decide to use your charms and seduce me into your bedroom. After all, I totally look up to you and would never want to disappoint. It wasn’t difficult at all to get in my panties.

When you finally slid your hard cock in my young virgin pussy, you couldn’t stop fucking it. You pumped, pounded and filled up my itty bitty young pussy with all your thick, creamy sperm. I guess now I better hope I’m not preggie. 

Your Little Virgin,




LucieWritten By: Lucie
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