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Worth The Wait

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My dishwasher isn’t working.

I found a guy online and he came over this morning. He was an hour late, but once I got a good look at his hot, young 20 something year old body, I thought he was probably worth the wait.

I hovered over him while he worked. We exchanged some sweet flirting and small talk. He said it was a very simple repair and wouldn’t take long to fix.

He was sweet and maybe even a little shy. I was feeling very bold and aggressive. After I handed him a check for fixing the dishwasher, I looked right into his eyes and asked he if he would like to go upstairs to my bedroom and fuck me. 

He stammered out a “sure” and kissed me. We didn’t make it up to the bedroom. We were kissing very passionately. He picked me up and set me on my kitchen table, where he fucked me…twice.  

As he was pulling up his pants, I kissed his neck and buttoned his shirt. I reminded him that he had my number and it was essential that he stop by and do that again.

He asked if he could stop by later tonight so he could fuck me again. I said that we might even might make it to my bed. I licked his bottom lip as I kissed him. I told him that I had not even had a chance to taste him yet.


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Mommy’s Panties

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You hit the jackpot this morning. You find Mommy Morgan’s dirty panties on the floor. Saturday is laundry day. Mommy must have dropped this pair in the hall on her way to the laundry room.
You scoop up that pair of panties. Immediately, you bring those soft, silky panties up to your nose. You sniff, long and hard. The most beautiful, intoxicating scent hits in your nose. You’re so happy, but feel something stirring between your legs. You have this uncontrollable urge to put on Mommy’s panties.

Her panties are so soft. As you get naked and step into her panties, your heart is racing. You’re so excited as you slip the panties over your stiff shaft. Quietly, you tiptoe into Mommy’s bedroom. You look at yourself in the mirror. Mommy walks in as you rub your cock through her panties. She is surprised but not angry. Mommy hugs you and suggests that there is a very pretty bra to go with those panties. Should I go get them?



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Mommy Massages You

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It is a hot summer night and you cannot sleep.

Oh, it is late, Sweetheart. Why are you still awake? You are tossing and turning in your bed. You must have something on your mind. Let me help you relax and unwind.

I have magic hands that comfort and nurture you. You always feel better when you spend time with me. Mommy Morgan always knows what is best for you.

Be a good boy and take off your pajamas. Lie on your tummy. Take a big deep breath and slowly exhale as I climb on top you. I give you a very, very long massage. Feel my healing fingers rub your tight muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. I pour a generous amount of massage oil directly on your back. I give you a very deep massage. I work all the way down your back and keep massaging your butt cheeks.

Suddenly, you are squirming. You are embarrassed and aroused. You try to hide your erection. No worries, Baby. I will take care of that too. No reason to be shy. Be proud that you have such a beautiful and loving Mommy who understands and takes care of every inch of you.



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Watching Your Aunt Ava

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When you visit Aunt Ava for the summer, you like to watch her. She takes a very long shower. She sings in the shower while she shaves her legs. There’s plenty of time for you to sneak a peek into her lingerie drawer. All of her panties are so silky and sexy!

Auntie Ava takes quite a while to get to get ready in the morning. She walks around in lingerie after her shower.  She does her hair after her shower. Lucky for you that she always leaves the door open.

You like watching her dry her hair.  She bends over with ass up in the air and her head pointed towards her toes.  You fantasize about walking up behind her and touching those sexy panties on her big round butt.

You feel a tingle between your legs while Auntie puts on her lipstick. You fantasize about her kissing you all over your body. Your whole body tingles with excitement. You look down and see a bulge in your pants. It aches! Your cock is throbbing. Oh, maybe Auntie will notice today and kiss it with her red lips and make it all better for you.



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I Can’t Resist My Son

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My son and I were outside making burgers on the grill for our 4th of July supper. Oh my, he looked very handsome in front of the grill shirtless with a beer in his hand. I couldn’t resist but to walk up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and nibbled on his neck. I knew exactly what this was going to lead to. 

Our burgers were being neglected with us getting hot and heavy on the back patio. Good thing we have a privacy fence or else the whole neighborhood would have seen how my son bent me over the grill and fucked my cunt.

Needless to say, we ruined the burgers but I think we’ll skip our supper and go straight for the dessert. I made a banana cream pie and would taste delicious all over his cock. 





Written By: Granny Ruth
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Making Fireworks

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You’ll always be my precious boy. I don’t ever want you to forget that. Mommy loves this time of year. Pool parties, skimpy bikinis, and lots and lots of men.  

Every year we throw a big bash at the house. I make sure I spend some special one on one time with my boy. I never want to deprive him of his needs of his Mommy. We even have a blast picking out my bikini that I’ll be wearing. 

My sweet boy had that look in his eyes. I could tell he was thinking about all the men that will be swarming around the house for the party. We sat on the bed and talked about how a fuck is a fuck and what we have is so much more to Mommy. I explained to him how we share a special bond. 

I grabbed the back of his head I pulled him towards my chest. I comforted him, rubbing his back, and letting him rest his head on my chest. I knew these gorgeous tits would put him in a better mood.
I removed my top and let him trace his fingers along the lace on my bra before it fell to the ground. I laid back on the bed and let him crawl between my legs so he could roam my body at his own pace. I was melting with every touch. 
The smile on his face said it all, just think about the fireworks that we’ll be making after the big party. 
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Moans Coming From Mommy’s Bedroom

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You had a great day playing video games and helping Mommy bake cookies. You frosted the cut-outs and made sure you licked the bowl clean. After dinner, Mommy seemed tired, so you offered to clean the kitchen for her.

She thanked you with a kiss on your forehead and a big smile. Then she slipped into her bathroom for a long soak in the tub. You ask Mommy if she wants to watch a movie with you. You love watching movies with Mommy and snuggling together under a warm blanket.

Tonight, however, Mommy declines your offer and says she is heading to bed early. Mommy claims that she is going to read in bed for a while, but encourages you to watch the movie without her. Mommy is wearing a pretty little white nightie. It is so pretty on her. The nightie is all white and lacy. You would rather hang-out with Mommy, especially when she looks so pretty.

You watch the movie alone, but you get bored quickly. You keep thinking about how pretty Mommy looks tonight in her white nightie. You turn off the movie and head towards Mommy’s bedroom. You are standing outside her bedroom door, debating whether you should go in or not.  As you stand outside her door, you hear a noise. Maybe you imagined it. There it is again, but it is louder this time.

You open up the door and see Mommy on the bed, but her pretty white nightie is on the floor. Mommy is thrashing around on the bed with her fingers between her legs. Her legs are spread. She is grinding her fingers into her pussy and moaning. She is making a lot of noise.

Now, Mommy has caught you playing with yourself several times over the last few weeks, but the tables have turned. Tonight, you catch Mommy playing with herself!!! You become so excited and anxious to let Mommy know that you caught her being naughty as she masturbates in her bed.


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Ass Play with Ava

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I will make you worship my ass.  Lick it, kiss it and rim it!

I want you to fuck me from behind. Push your finger into my ass while you fuck my sweet pussy from behind. I want you to talk dirty to me while you rub my ass. 

Oh, I hear you moan and groan with each and every deep hard thrust into me. Give me every fucking inch of that nice long shaft of yours. I want to hear that nasty, wet sound of my pussy being fucked. Make me scream; make me cum.  No, don’t stop!  Come on fuck me harder, but don’t you dare cum inside of me yet!  We’re just getting started here.

Pull that finger out of my ass and put it in my mouth.  Yes, I taste my ass, the naughtiest bittersweet taste. Now, pull my hair toward you. I turn my head over my shoulder and we share the most intimate of kisses.

Your cock is hot and wet. Drop a few drops of lube into my ass and then slowly work your cock into my tight little puckered hole. It’s the most intense sensation. It hurts for only a second, but then you watch my hips start to move, forcing your cock deeper into me. You masterfully grab those sweet cheeks and then you start to fuck me harder and faster into my ass. It’s the most amazing feeling!

Did you give me a really hot, big load of your sweetest cum in my ass?

OHhhhhhhh, had enough?  No! Not yet!  Then let me return the pleasure and pull out my strap-on and fuck your ass!



Written By: AvaAva
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Annual Performance Review

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You come to my office for your annual performance review.  You’re extremely nervous.  I’m not smiling when you sit down in the chair. I get up to close the door and grab your file. You shift in your chair. I smile when I see that you’re nervous. My pencil skirt is so tight and white blouse is open, exposing my cleavage.

You’re finding it hard to concentrate because you’re so focused on the sexy lingerie peeking out from under my blouse. I start your review and you find me very over critical and unfair. I’m unfairly placing the blame on you for poor performance of a project from another team.

You try and explain your side, but I disregard your argument.  I ask you if you value your job? You plead your case. “I am willing to do anything.”

I ask “Anything?”  I take off my glasses and unbutton my blouse to reveal my sexy breasts.

You soon realize that you need to make me cum to save your job!



Written By: AvaAva
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Sex 101

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Would you like to have a private tutor? An older woman to teach you how to fuck? I’m a great teacher, and I love to play with dirty, inexperienced boys. Let my voice guide you as you stroke your cock, telling you how fast or slow to go. I would tease you, take you right to the edge.

As you stroke, I’ll sit in front of you, my legs spread with my fingers deep in my pussy. I can see in your eyes that you want a taste. I put my wet fingers in your mouth, giving you a sample of my sweet juices. You move closer, wanting more.

I take your head in my hands and shove your face between my thighs. Lick me, fuck me with your tongue. I instruct you, my moans telling you what a good job you’re doing. My hand replaces yours on your cock. I begin pumping it, getting it nice and hard for the part that comes next.

Give me a call and let’s finish the fantasy together.



Written By: Amber Lace
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Physical Exam with Nurse Angie

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I had a very hot call this morning that I wanted to share with you.

My caller wanted to be a young boy, just entering puberty, going to see the nurse for his high school physical.

As he entered my office, I could see he was very nervous and sweating. I smiled and reassured him that I was a very experienced nurse. I told him he should relax and take a deep breathe. 

He seemed to relax a little so I handed him a very short gown. I told him to undress completely and put the gown on, I told him I would be right back. 

When I returned, he was laying on the exam table trying to hide his huge cock. I tried not to stare, but even under the gown and with him trying to hide it, putting his hands over his huge cock. It made my mature pussy so hot seeing a huge cock on such a young boy. 

I stood close to him to take his pulse. I listened to his chest and could hear his heart pounding. I told him to lay back on the table so I could complete the exam. As he laid back, the gown came up, and his erect young penis stood straight up. I smiled and told him I think before we can finish your exam, there’s something else here that needs taking care of. 

I slowly stroked his cock at first. It didn’t take long before his young cum was shooting all over my hand.

I can honestly say he past his physical exam with flying colors. 


Written By: Miss Angie
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My Husband is a Cuckold Slut

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My husband is much older and loves having a beautiful young slut wife like me to parade around on his arm. He also secretly enjoys the fact that other men find me attractive.
He whispers in my ear at parties that a particular guy is eying me and encourages me to be flirtatious. I don’t know what turns him on the most, the knowledge that I am unfaithful to him when I return home after a night of clubbing and fucking, as I tell him about what a slut I was with some anonymous stranger while he licks my messy cream pie, or when I come back with some young stud in tow, and have him act as my cuckold slut. He jerks off or humps the mattress as he watches and listens to his sexy wife getting fucked.

He enjoys being a trophy wife’s cuckold, so of course, I take full advantage of the cuckold lifestyle by playing with all the big cock that I want and my cuckold cream pie eater cleans up all the mess!



Written By: Sandra
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Corrupting My Nephew

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My nephew is staying with me for a long weekend. He is so innocent and shy. My sister has kept him very sheltered. I bet that I can corrupt him.

If I leave my bras and panties around the house, strategically placed so he will find them and he will be compelled to touch the soft, silky fabric. His cock will tingle.

I will leave the bathroom door open just enough so he can watch me take very long, hot showers. I know he will be touching himself while he watches me. His dick will be throbbing.

I will wear extra sexy bras and my lowest low cut tops that will virtually hypnotize him. He won’t be able to take his eyes off my big, sexy breasts.

If I reach down and run my fingers along his cock while he is staring at my chest, seducing him into my bed will be so easy and educational for him.



Written By: AvaAva
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Keeping Ava’s Secrets

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You bought your first house recently and moved in next door. We exchange friendly greetings when we see each other out in the yard.

One afternoon, my computer screen goes all black and freezes up. I am stuck!  I need my computer. I notice your car in your driveway next door. I call over to your house and ask if you could help me. You’re working at home today, but could use a little break. It’s always good to get in “good” with the neighbors.

I answer the door in a super tight top and sexy pair of jeans. I take you into the family room where I have my computer. Within ten minutes, you have my computer back up and running. As you’re cleaning out my computer and running diagnostics, you notice the old family photos of trips to the lake on my computer.

Then you see something you were not expecting. You see very, very sexy photos of me and your cock starts to stir. So many of them! I look over your shoulder. I see you staring at my naked picture. I promise you ANYTHING if you don’t tell anyone about these photos.

You take me up on my offer.  You bend me over my sofa and take me! You fuck your naughty older neighbor good and hard. You know that I will do ANYTHING for you to keep my secrets.


Written By: AvaAva
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Teasing The Contractors

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All of my friends complain that they have such a difficult time with contractors to meet deadlines when it comes to projects. I never have that problem.

I just had my kitchen remodeled and it’s beautiful! The guys did a great job. The guys working on my kitchen seemed so eager to please me. The hot young contractors seemed to truly enjoy working and really love their work. They were at my house bright and early every morning.

Maybe they were so eager to arrive at my house each morning because of the incident that occurred on the first day. I had heard horror stories from my friends, so I naturally expected the guys to be running late. After all, it was just the first day.

I was in my bed, on a phone sex call, naked and fingering myself when they arrived. I must have been cumming when they knocked because I didn’t hear them walk into the house.

After I finished my call, I walked into my kitchen naked as they were getting organized. The guys smiled and nodded.  I smiled back. I walked over to the fridge to grab my bottle of water and an apple. I took a big bite of the apple and told the guys to make themselves at home.

I stood there naked and told them to be sure to let me know if there is anything that they needed from me and walked back upstairs to start me day. I know they were all staring at my big round ass as I walked out of the room. I am such a cock tease!


Written By: AvaAva
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Worship Shay’s Feet

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 I catch you staring at my beautiful feet. You can’t help but get hard as you see my perfect toenails are painted hot pink. You instantly imagine those toes wrapped around your cock, sliding up and down. You know not to get your hopes up though.  After all, a Mistress is meant to be served, not to serve you.

  If I let you cum all over my toes that will be “solely” at my discretion. 

“May I?” you ask tentatively, gesturing towards my foot. 

I smile and lift it for you so that you can slip my six inch heel off slowly. You sigh contentedly as your thumb starts to stroke the arch of my foot. It smells so good, you lean down and inhale. You become almost lightheaded, stroking my foot faster. You begin to moan as I glide my toes around your mouth. What would you do to have a little taste? You’ll have to prove yourself to me before I allow this.


ShayWritten By: Shay
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Taking Down The Christmas Tree

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I hope you had a great holiday season with me, but now it is time to take down the Christmas tree. You offer to help me. We need to start at the top. You stand behind me to steady me. I have to admit that I like how your body feels up against my back.

You put your hands on my hips, so I don’t fall. I need to stand up on my tippy toes and reach for the star on the top of the tree. I reach towards the top of the tree with both hands to grab the star. It’s tightly attached to the tree. I have to pull harder.

You lean forward and your hips press firmly against my big, round ass. Your cock becomes hard. You grab my waist harder because I almost lose my balance and fall. I gasp as the star gives way and I pull it down. I catch my breath. You saved me.

You prevent me from falling, but you don’t let me go yet. You hold me and press your body against mine. I feel your breathe on my neck. I grab one of your hands and bring your hand to my hard nipple.

Finally, you let go of your grip of me. I turn around facing you. I kiss you. We continue our embrace and passionate kisses until we slide down to the floor and we fuck under the Christmas tree.

Fantastic fuck with you to end the holiday season!


Written By: AvaAva
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Ava’s Business Trip

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You and I work at the same company but in different locations. We talk on the phone every day. The company is sending us to Chicago for new computer training. We have exchanged a few flirty emails and phone calls and both of us have expressed that we’re looking forward to finally meeting each other face to face.

I’m more than a little excited to meet you. I buy new very sexy lingerie.

I find a reason to get you to my room. I have some documents for you to look at. I invite you to my room and you accept my invitation. You’re hoping for a sexy rendezvous and it’s more than an invitation for something work related.

As soon as I get you alone in my room, I seduce you. You watch my business clothes hit the floor, and I show off my new bra, panties, stocking and garter set. We kiss with passion and desire for each other. You bury your face in my white fleshy breasts.

Your fantasy comes true. You’ve always wanted to play with my big tits. We fuck for hours. You end up spending the night in my room. We share every earthly, uninhibited carnal pleasure possible between a man and a woman. We have incredible sensuous yet very animalistic sex.

Written By: AvaAva
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I Saw My Mommy Morgan Kissing Santa Claus

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You wake up early Christmas morning with very confusing thoughts.

You saw Mommy in the living room last night with Santa Claus. She kissed him, wet open mouth kisses. She tickled his balls through his pants until she dropped down to her knees. Mommy Morgan pulled his pants down, kissed his balls and tickled them with her tongue. Then she sucked him. She took his big hard cock in her mouth. Mommy Morgan sucked Santa’s cock!

Santa took off Mommy’s tight little red top. He touched and licked her sexy big tits. He got Mommy naked and fucked her, right there on the living room floor next to the Christmas tree.

You lay in your bed, stroking your hard stiffy with these images in your head. Was it a dream or was it real? You always get the best presents on Christmas. Maybe this is because Mommy takes such good care of Santa Claus!

You know if you lay in bed long enough, your Mommy Morgan is going to come in to your bedroom and she will see that tent in your sheets. Maybe she will take care of your hard cock too. That would be the best present ever!

Merry Christmas!



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Handyman With Benefits

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The Holidays are here!

It’s time to get the house decorated for Christmas. There are so many heavy boxes that I ask my favorite handyman to stop by and help me.

I know that he would rather be watching football instead of putting up my Christmas tree. I certainty make sure it’s worth his while.

When he comes over to help me, I will be dressed in something very sexy. I love to keep him motivated. He also knows that, as a reward for all his hard work, that I will make him hard. I do a sexy little striptease for him and give him a long, slow blowjob.

If he is an extra good boy, I will give him what he has always wanted…my pussy!

He knows that he is my “handyman with benefits.”


Written By: AvaAva
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