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Surviving The Holidays

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Holidays are coming as you’re aware. Everywhere you go, Christmas displays are already in full bloom. We both know this can be a stressful time of year. Between spending time with family, shopping, gift wrapping, gift giving, it can be all a little bit overwhelming.

I know exactly what you need to manage this time of year. You need to cum. I know that may sound funny, but it’s the truth. I don’t mean just any jerk off session will do, you need the kind of orgasm where your toes curl, and your balls are completely drained. Do you ever notice after a great orgasm you feel like you can take on anything? It’s almost like a weight has been lifted. After a big load of cum, you feel much more relaxed, and you can think clearer. Not just any run of the mill orgasm will make you feel that way, it needs to be with someone who knows how to push your right buttons. Of course, this isn’t a cure all for the next 2 months with one great orgasm. Keeping you a happy man requires multiple sessions with yours truly. Even if you’re not alone at home, find a quiet spot and I’ll bring you back to your happy place once again.

People will take notice of your joyous mood. Only you and I will know why you’re so happy. It turns out that all you need to survive another holiday season is a little Madame Joanne.


JoanneWritten By: Joanne
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We Do Bad Things Together

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I have a caller who constantly complains about his wife. He tells me that she bitches all the time and nags him over the littlest of things. After hearing the stories, I agree that she is a major bitch and something needs to be done about her.

In the beginning, I told him to do small simple tasks like cum on her toothbrush, panties, and cum in her mouthwash bottle. But now the time has come to do something a little more serious. She needs to be put in her place once and for all. I told him all you just need is the perfect accomplice to make it all go away. No more complaining, mood swings, and being turned down for sex.

We’ll wait for the perfect moment and slip her a little pill in her drink. I want her aware of what’s going on but also not strong enough to fight us. We will tie her to the bed, and that’s where the fun begins. It can be a slow process, and make her feel every bit of pain that she caused you over the years. Or, we can end it right away.

When we put our heads together, we will come up with the most brilliant plan that satisfying to both of us. Say goodbye to your nagging past and hello to a peaceful future.

Let’s be very bad together!


Written By: Jade
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My Pussy Creams For BBC

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I have a fuck friend that I see on weekly basis and it doesn’t take much to get all thirteen inches of his monster black dick hard and throbbing. You probably think it all wouldn’t fit inside my tight, teen pussy but it does, every inch of it. The thing that I love is he can go for hours and I have multiple orgasms when his big, mushroom head keeps hitting my g-spot. My stretched pussy is defiantly sore the next day, but totally worth it.

Most girls would scream when they feel their little pussy’s being stretched, but for me, my little hole just drips all over his black cock.

If you have a big black cock phone sex fantasy, or if you would like to hear about my real life BBC encounters, give me a call now. My pussy is getting creamy again just thinking about it.


Written By: Gina
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Baby Britt Goes Trick or Treating

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I love Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year. I know I’m too old to be trick or treating but I can still pull it off because I am cute and tiny.

It’s Halloween night and your cock has been rock hard for the past several hours looking at the cute little girls in their costumes. One girl was a gymnast that had on a skin tight leotard. Her little nipples were poking through the spandex materiel and you almost blew a load in your pants while passing out candy.

It’s 9:00 pm and your doorbell rings, it’s way to late for trick or treaters but you answer anyway. There I am in my sexy outfit, looking up at you. The young ones made you so hard but seeing me in my sexy costume put you over the edge. I tell you I don’t want any candy, I just want to please your pedo cock with my young, petite body. All your young girl fantasies are about to come true tonight.


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Kissing The Boss’s Ass

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Everything had me running late for work this morning. My alarm didn’t going off, traffic was horrible, and the dumb ass bitch I was behind at Starbucks drive thru who ordered for 10 people. Needless to say, when I got to work I was in a horrible mood. I just snarled at the people who said hello to me when I raced passed them to get to my office.

As soon as I sat down at my desk, I had a 9:30 conference call that I completely forgot about. Between the coffee and the breakfast sandwich I had earlier, I really had to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t leave my office so I thought of a great idea to get some relief.

I texted my secretary to have that new guy from accounting to come to my office. I don’t remember his name but he looks like he would be a good fit for this task I have for him.

He comes in, and I motion for him to shut the door, and sit down. I begin to undress, and I wave my ass in front of him. I look back and he looks shocked, and excited for what’s to come. I push his head back, and position my ass right on his face. I’ve been holding in my shit and piss for so long, it all came out at once on his face and tongue.

Once I was done with my call, I ordered him to lick my asshole clean. I told him I have zero time today to run to the restroom. I threatened if he wanted to keep his accounting job, he will need to do exactly what I say, or he’ll have a new job cleaning the toilets.

It’s fucking amazing what people would do for their bosses when their job is on the line. Not only did he lick my ass for hours, he ran out and got me a big Mexican lunch. I know what he’ll be doing for the rest of the day.


Written By: Christine
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Mutual Masturbation with Miss Angie

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A true older woman knows how to take care of your cock during a mutual masturbation call. Honey, I’ve had loads of experience, and I love sharing intimate details with you. My horny pussy gets wet talking about sex, so naturally I want to please myself. Many of my callers tell me that they feel like they’re in the same room with me. 

I love when you lube your hard cock so I can hear your hand thrusting up and down. Don’t worry sweetie, I have a sloppy wet pussy for you to hear as well. I also love using toys for you. I have a nightstand drawer filled with toys for our conversation.

One of my favorite toys is my 12 inch dildo with a suction cup at the end of it. I stick it to my bedpost, and I get on all fours. I back up my pussy, and start fucking it while you’re on the phone with me. It feels like you’re actually in my bedroom, fucking my pussy. 

Mutual Masturbation with Miss Angie is the closest thing to being the real thing!


Written By: Miss Angie
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Young Girl Fantasies

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No matter how much you try to keep yourself from wanting us hot little teen girls, you can’t control it. We are everywhere, every city and every country around the world. Wearing those tiny mini skirts and tight shirts, with our little firm titties teasing you. Our cute little tanned legs, and sweet little innocent giggles.
You try to pretend like you’re not watching. You feel bad because your own little baby girl, or your little niece, next door neighbor or your babysitter turns you on. You try to fight it and deny it. That throbbing in your cock cannot be denied. The desire is so strong you find yourself searching the internet looking for little girl sites, hoping to catch a glimpse of some perky little titties or a cute little round bottom. A girl with pigtails will make your balls feel like they’re getting ready to explode.
Do not try to run from your desires, embrace them, and enjoy them. We all have sexual fantasies. If your fantasies happen to be of the little girl type, then I am the teen that your cock needs to experience. When I say I have no limits, that is exactly what I mean. Lets explore your fantasies together, or I can just share some of mine with you. 



Written By: Kaylee
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Adventures Of Caidyn

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   A beautiful night out and I need to find a sexy rendezvous for tonight.  I noticed a fucking stunning couple at the lounge I was at last night. I had an awesome time and noticed them looking my way when I left with my man of choice for the night. Don’t get me wrong, the man and I rocked each other’s world but the sexy couple was on my mind all night. Who were they? It seemed the gorgeous woman was a bit older than her man. Was he her husband, maybe her date, possibly a Tinder hookup or maybe?

 While dressing for the night, I heard a knock at my hotel door. No one was there but there was a lovely basket at my door that was filled with treats of all kinds. Champagne, mixed nuts, whipped cream, and some sexy lingerie. There was a note that said to change into the lingerie, have a few glasses of champagne, and meet them in room 4010. I wondered if it was the couple? It had to be! The woman had excellent taste, and the lingerie fit me perfectly. Then there was another knock, and waiting was a package. I excitedly opened it to find a strap-on. This was all leading up to one fucking hell of a night.

After a few glasses of champagne, I went over to room 4010. It was the couple in the lounge. They invited me into their perfectly appointed suite. The woman took me by the hand, and asked me to pick out some more fun for the night from a site of escorts. She definitely knew how to party! Everything about the pair seemed like they were just a couple in love. 

Want to know more about them? Were they married to each-other? Maybe related? I don’t usually kiss and tell but…


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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Hot Tub Fun for Mommy and Son

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You complain about history class because it is so boring.

Your sultry Mommy Morgan takes you away for the weekend.  Mommy, being the clever woman she is, takes you to a quaint little town with much historical significance. She books a room in a beautiful bed-and-breakfast.

You are dreading the trip because you would rather go to a party with your friends. That is until you see the room with only one bed for you and Mommy to share. From the bedroom window, you see a hot tub in the backyard. Things are looking up, and your cock is tingly in your jeans in anticipation of a pleasure-filled weekend.

As you explore the small local landmarks and museums, history becomes alive. You can picture the historical figures, in your textbooks, walking the same cobblestone streets where you and Mommy are walking. As we walk through the bedroom of a famous early politician’s home, you picture very dirty, kinky sex that happened there.

Late in the day, Mommy takes you for a nice dinner, and you discuss what you learned today. You save room in your tummy for dessert. While you eat your delicious cheesecake, Mommy has a third glass of the local red wine. You see her relaxing and flirting with the handsome waiter. As you take your last bite, you ask Mommy if the two of you can go back to the hot tub at the bed-and-breakfast. You know that Mommy did not pack swimwear for the two of you, but maybe the wine will leave her remarkably uninhibited.

Instead of going up the room, Mommy takes you in the backyard. She looks around, and since no one is around, the two of you take off most of your clothing. The hot tub has powerful jets and makes lots of bubbles. Mommy is horny. You sit and play with your cock as it grows in your hand. Mommy, almost naked, rubs her hips against the jet stream. You watch her have an orgasm. Seeing Mommy cum, it is the most exciting thing you have ever seen. Now it is your turn. Mommy guides you so the powerful stream of water massages inside your sexy ass. She takes over stroking your cock until you have the most intense orgasm.

Now, you learned a lot this weekend, but the best thing you learned was how to cum from a prostate massage.



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Size Queen and Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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One of my favorite callers got a little drunk at dinner with his client. At the upscale, gourmet restaurant, he had a heavy meal, a great steak dinner with a few glasses of red wine. Now he was alone in his hotel room and feeling horny, so he called me. I could hear that he was relaxed but eager to play. It would be a long, slow, edging session.

What makes him my favorite caller? Well, if you know me, you know that I am the one little brat who is the biggest size queen. I adore him so much because he is sweet, but also, he has a huge cock! Our phone sex sessions are hot, and he makes me cum so much!

That night, I was feeling a little naughty. Because of the wine and his long day, he was not fully hard yet. I asked him to tell me exactly how big he was, but he could only guess about eight inches. I gave him some very specific jerk-off-instructions, and to let me know when his cock got harder, longer and thicker.

I got an idea that was so naughty and fun. I knew there was a young, cute sounding front desk girl. I told my caller to put his pants back on but not his underwear. I wanted a big bulge in his tight pants. He had me on his cell, and luckily his call didn’t drop in the elevator. I made him go to the lobby and ask that cute girl for a ruler. I listened to him, and I could hear her giggle as she gave it to him.

Once we were back in the room, he got naked again, and our game continued. He was almost eight inches when he began stroking for me. It was so hot! I fingered myself, and I talked about how big his cock would feel inside of my super tight pussy. Every so often, I had him measure his growing cock. Once he got to a little over eleven inches! I made him edge over and over until I finally let him cum.

Your Bratty Size Queen,




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I Only Want To Please You!

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Aren’t you tired of having to cater to women’s needs? It is always all about her. Her satisfaction, her wants, and her needs. I know you’re tired of having to say sweet things to women to get what you want.

Well, with me- none of that is necessary. If you say “bitch shut up and suck my cock”, that is precisely what I will do, and happily. My pleasure comes from pleasing you. No need to ask nicely, no cutsie words necessary. Just shove your hard cock in my throat and fuck my face how you want to. Don’t worry if you choke me, I love it. In fact, once you hear me gagging on you cock, I want you to face fuck me even harder.

Whatever it is that pleases you, just tell me and it is a done deal.

Your faithful seductress, Parker


Written By: Parker
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You Need Me

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I love when a guy needs me. The kind of need that can’t wait a moment longer.

I was suppose to hear from him when he was done with work, but he couldn’t hold off. He said I was on his mind all morning long, and thinking about the sound of my voice, made his cock pulsate in his pants. I think it’s so hot when a guy calls me from work. He said he can’t concentrate or get anything accomplished until he’s had his Aimee fix.

He made it all the way to his lunch break, and called me from his car. His cock responds to my voice and nothing else matters at that moment but us. I know we don’t have a long time so I am going to make every minute as hot and sensual as I possibly can.

I tell him how badly I want to suck every inch of his cock. Between the combination of my voice, and the visual of me leaned over from the passenger seat with my ass up in the air, makes him cum hard.

The thought that you’re in your car and there is a chance someone would see you but you have no concern about that, only wanting to talk to me, gets me incredibly fucking hot.

You need me, and I’m here for you anytime you need it.


Written By: Aimee
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Love Potion For My Submissive Guest

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I met him at a bar right around the corner from my place. He had a thoughtful look on his face, and I thought he needed some cheering up. I sat down next to him, and we chatted about the weather, local sports, work, and other such topics. After a while, he revealed that he was very stressed.

I asked about his love life, and he confessed that he was busy with work that he had not been dating at all. I placed my hand on his knee and let him look down my top at my cleavage. Now, I had his full, undivided attention. I found him sweet, sexy, charming, and submissive. 

I invited him back to my place, and I promised him a better quality wine than the house wine he was drinking at the bar. He accepted my offer, and we walked to my place. My doorman gave him a wicked wink, letting him know he was in for a night that he would never forget. 

I took him into my kitchen and poured him a glass of wine, but I slipped in a little extra something to keep him hard all night long. After he drank his red wine, I seduced him and got him into my bed. Before long, I dominated him. I tied his wrists and ankles to my bed. I rubbed my big tits all over his cock and balls. He begged me to let him cum, but I was in charge. I controlled his cock. I got naked and my tight pussy rode him until dawn. 


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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Stealing Mom’s Date

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Mommy had a special date with my volleyball coach, but she came down with a headache. I really like my coach, so I wanted him all to myself. Knowing she sometimes has headaches, I replaced her medicine with little mint candies. I would do anything to fuck him. 

She asked me to please cancel for her, but I never did. I put on my cutest sundress and just showed up at his house. He seemed happy to see me. I always go after what I want. I put my lips to his and pressed my hot, teen body against him. He began to protest and mumble something about jail bait and taboo. I really wasn’t listening and pushed my sweet little tongue back in his mouth. I am not an innocent teen and I knew by his hard cock he didn’t want to stop.

I took off my outfit while he watched. He begged me to stop, but I want what I want. I was on my knees in front of him unzipping his pants. His protests soon became moans of pleasure. After I sucked him dry, I got him rock hard again. I fucked him so hard, I think he just might have passed out. I love older men!



PiperWritten By: Piper
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I Let Him Jerk Off On My Pantyhose

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My best friend’s brother needed a date to a wedding. It was a very upscale classy wedding. The bride was his boss’s daughter. He had to attend. He needed to bring a date that would be hot and could dress sexy but sophisticated. The girl who took with him to his company’s holiday party had bare legs and a cheap, tight dress. Everyone was polite, but he wished she was at least wearing pantyhose. 

He explained his failure to impress the management team at work with his date. He suspects they passed him over for a promotion because of his decision of bringing a slutty girl to a social work function. That was my hint to wear something elegant and stunning. 

We went to the wedding as just friends, but champagne makes me horny. The sight of me in my black, sexy pantyhose made me horny. We started making out after the wedding. It should have been odd kissing and letting my best friend’s brother touch my legs and tits, but it felt fantastic in the heat of the moment. I sucked his cock, and when it was time, he came all over my sexy black pantyhose. It was very erotic and a little kinky.


BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Mommy Shay’s Punishment

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Mommy heard that you’ve been a bad little boy this summer. You know Mommy Shay doesn’t put up with any of that nonsense!

I ask you to come into my bedroom and close the door behind you. You see that I’m wearing a slinky little black dress, fishnets and stilettos. I ask you to get completely undressed and get on your knees. I look down at you while I slide my dress off. You notice that Mommy has something big between her legs.

I grab your face and tell you that naughty boys get punished. I slide my strap-on in your mouth and start pumping hard and fast. I love the sounds you make when you’re gasping for air.

After I am done fucking your face, I ask you to get up and bend over Mommy’s bed. While I’m slapping your ass, I slide big my strap-on inside of you. I hear you whimper and crying out that it hurts. Don’t you know silly boy that only makes Mommy fuck you harder! I grab your balls while I am deep inside your ass and what do you know? Mommy feels cum squirted everywhere. I think someone really enjoyed their punishment.


ShayWritten By: Shay
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Maid Of Honor

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When my girlfriend asked me to be maid of honor at her wedding, I was super excited. I took it seriously and made sure I did all my maid of honor job duties. I even planned and executed a once in a lifetime bacherlorette party.

When the big day arrived, I can tell my friend was not herself. She seemed like she was having a panic attack and was very flustered. I knew she wasn’t backing out of the wedding but she couldn’t walk down the isle in the mental state she was in. I went and got her a cocktail, thinking that would take the edge off. She chugged the whole glass and asked me to get another one. I didn’t want her wasted on her special day so I told her it wasn’t a good idea.

As time was getting closer, she still wasn’t ready to walk down the isle. I had asked everyone in the room to leave so her and I could just talk. I told her I have an idea that she may or may not accept.

I explained to her when I am most relaxed is when I have an orgasm. She agreed with me. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, not a friendly peck but a hot, french kiss. I worked my hand under her wedding dress and started rubbing her clit on the outside of her silk panties. I could feel her panties starting to get wet so I moved them to the side and slid my finger in and out. I got down on my knees and buried my head under her wedding dress, and  starting sucking her clit while finger fucking her. At this point, she was defiantly starting to relax.

I worked my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy, and she squirted hard all over my tongue. She said she never squirted before. I joked with her and said I will have to share my technique with your new husband.

It was just what she needed because after her incredible orgasm,  she was ready to get married. After all, I am maid of honor and I had to what needed to be done, and I loved every second of it.



JoanneWritten By: Joanne
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Bratty Lucie Humiliates Piggy and Makes Him Pay

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I am such a brat! I have a new toy to tell you about him. His name is Johnny from England. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I laughed so hard that I peed a little bit into my panties.

I made Johnny my submissive money, toilet slave! I did the most humiliating thing ever!

I am so naughty and playful. I forced Johnny into the bathroom. He had to lift my short skirt and pull my panties down with his teeth. I sat on his face. First, his nose was buried in my ass, then his tongue. I gave him a BIG mouthful, so much that I filled his mouth and throat. He begged for mercy. I made him OINK like a pig for me!

Once his mouth was good and full, I took over his phone and made him give me lots of his money. I held his nostrils closed. He had to move money from his account to mine. The more money he gave me, the more I a laughed at him.

I turned Johnny from England into my little money piggy today. I love humiliating older men! I am such a brat!




LucieWritten By: Lucie
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A Nice Welcome Home

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You had a long, grueling day at the office. All you can think about is getting out of your work attire and having a stiff drink. You’re hoping the wifey isn’t home yet because you could really use some alone time. Maybe watch a little porn and jerk off to your favorite video.

After 20 minutes of heavy Friday evening traffic, you finally get home and open your front door. You yell that you’re home and you hear no response. While undoing your neck tie, you walk into your living room and you see me; the neighbor girl you’ve had a crush on since I was 8 years old. You look completely puzzled but yet excited at the same time. I give you a glass a wine and I start undressing you. You mention your wife will be home any minute but I put my finger to your lips to hush you.

I get down on my knees and give you a sloppy blowjob. You mention again about your wife and I take you by your hand and lead you to your bedroom. As I open the bedroom door, you see your wife passed out, sprawled across the bed with her work clothes still on. I let you know right away that she is fine. I just slipped a little drug in her glass to make her very sleepy.

I slip off my dress and move her to one side of the bed so we can fuck right next to her. You had no idea your hot neighbor girl was so naughty and twisted. Without hesitation, you slide your cock inside me and we fuck like animals right next to her. I beg you to cum in my pussy and once you put a big load inside me. I straddle your wife’s face and let the cum drip from my pussy to her mouth.

You finally got to fuck me without any interruptions. You just never know when it will happen again.

HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Charlie’s Boat Adventures

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I had an awesome 4th of July! My friend invited me on her parents boat. Her hot older brother was there as well. It was just the 5 of us and my girlfriends parents were really cool. They had tons of food and alcohol.  

By the end the day, my friend and her mom were passed out on the boat. I was feeling really buzzed and horny. I started doing a strip tease in front of the guys. They didn’t stop me. In fact, my friends dad asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel his rock hard cock poking through his shorts against my bikini bottoms. My girlfriends brother started playing with my tits and sucking my nipples.

They both pulled down their shorts and I sucked their cocks. With some father/son blowjob action, my holes were wanting to be fucked! I got on all fours on the boat deck and they took turns fucking me while I was right in front of my passed out friend and her mom!

My girlfriend had no clue that I got a big load in my ass and pussy from her dad and brother. I think I will stop over to my friends house soon and have some more family time.




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