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A Nice Welcome Home

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You had a long, grueling day at the office. All you can think about is getting out of your work attire and having a stiff drink. You’re hoping the wifey isn’t home yet because you could really use some alone time. Maybe watch a little porn and jerk off to your favorite video.

After 20 minutes of heavy Friday evening traffic, you finally get home and open your front door. You yell that you’re home and you hear no response. While undoing your neck tie, you walk into your living room and you see me; the neighbor girl you’ve had a crush on since I was 8 years old. You look completely puzzled but yet excited at the same time. I give you a glass a wine and I start undressing you. You mention your wife will be home any minute but I put my finger to your lips to hush you.

I get down on my knees and give you a sloppy blowjob. You mention again about your wife and I take you by your hand and lead you to your bedroom. As I open the bedroom door, you see your wife passed out, sprawled across the bed with her work clothes still on. I let you know right away that she is fine. I just slipped a little drug in her glass to make her very sleepy.

I slip off my dress and move her to one side of the bed so we can fuck right next to her. You had no idea your hot neighbor girl was so naughty and twisted. Without hesitation, you slide your cock inside me and we fuck like animals right next to her. I beg you to cum in my pussy and once you put a big load inside me. I straddle your wife’s face and let the cum drip from my pussy to her mouth.

You finally got to fuck me without any interruptions. You just never know when it will happen again.

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Charlie’s Boat Adventures

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I had an awesome 4th of July! My friend invited me on her parents boat. Her hot older brother was there as well. It was just the 5 of us and my girlfriends parents were really cool. They had tons of food and alcohol.  

By the end the day, my friend and her mom were passed out on the boat. I was feeling really buzzed and horny. I started doing a strip tease in front of the guys. They didn’t stop me. In fact, my friends dad asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel his rock hard cock poking through his shorts against my bikini bottoms. My girlfriends brother started playing with my tits and sucking my nipples.

They both pulled down their shorts and I sucked their cocks. With some father/son blowjob action, my holes were wanting to be fucked! I got on all fours on the boat deck and they took turns fucking me while I was right in front of my passed out friend and her mom!

My girlfriend had no clue that I got a big load in my ass and pussy from her dad and brother. I think I will stop over to my friends house soon and have some more family time.




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Cougar Seduces My Best Friend’s Son

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My best friend called me for a favor. Her college-aged son has an internship out of town for the summer, but he surprised and came home for the weekend. My friend felt so bad because she is a nurse and is going to be working all weekend. She asked if her son could spend the weekend with me.

What my best friend doesn’t know is that her son and I have been hooking up ever since the night of is high school graduation party. I seduced him that night right out of his new suit, and fucked him in his bedroom with all of his friends and family downstairs. He had been fascinated with my big tits since he was young, and my gift to him was sex with an older woman.

I was so excited and aroused to have him spend this weekend with me. I answered the doorbell in just my robe. As soon as that doorbell rang, I greeted her son with a wonderful blowjob. Only a sexy Cougar like myself can suck his big cock. Those cute and silly college girls only think they can take it deep. I have spoiled this young man. He cums all over my tits and apologizes for cumming so quickly. I just smile and suck him again. Once he is hard, I take him into the bedroom and ride him hard.

Wouldn’t it be so interesting if the UPS man, or his girlfriend or his mom caught us? It would make for one taboo role-play!

Your Naughty Cougar,



Written By: AvaAva
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Fun on the Dark Side

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I have a caller that has some really dark fantasies. What started out as a spooky Halloween scenario has turned into a year round fantasy.

His fantasy involves he and I fucking random people, and then killing them. The twist is, these people want to be killed. It’s a purge fantasy and we’re making purge porn. It probably sounds scary, but it’s actually really hot! He has such a vivid imagination and really sets the scene with crazy fucking machines, toys, and hardcore fucking.

When it’s time to end them, even that’s sexy. He never kills them the same way twice and the build up is amazing. I always thought snuff calls were cut and dry. I never knew that it could be so sexy and sensual. I need more calls like that!



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Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the slutest of them all?


It used to be that I was the mega slut but now that you’ve been trained by the best, you now take the title. Let’s get you all dressed up from head to toe so you can take a bow.

I came up with a wonderful way of how you can thank me. I know you graduated from the dildo in your mouth then to your ass. Before long, you finally got up enough courage to answer a Craigs list ad and sucked your first cock. It was a proud moment for both of us.

So how can we take this to the next level? You and I know you’re  ready and I have no doubt you can handle this task.

The best way of thanking me is to have your first gang-bang. Now, before you panic; I’m not suggesting 100+ guys! I was thinking maybe 15-20. I know this is something we’ll both enjoy. Nothing would make me happier and prouder than to see my little slut dripped in cum. Don’t worry, I’ll be there cheering you on while your holes are being stretched and violated by huge cocks. I hope you’re excited as I am.

The One and Only, ~M.M.~

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Party At The Lake

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I am so happy that the hot weather is here. I love summer and all the crazy parties my friends have. Last week was a party at the lake. As usual, the chicks went to bed way before me and any of the guys. More dick for me then! We all partied for awhile and were pretty wasted. One of the guys dared me to take on all 16 guys. Daring me is fucking amusing as I always take a dare, especially if it involves cock. We all sucked and fucked the night away. Even I can’t take on 16 cocks at once so that made for plenty of guy on guy action. The first part of the summer is always the fucking best!


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Your Big Surprise

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    You hate when mommy goes out on a date because you love spending time with her. Mommy is packing some lingerie and you are old enough to know what that means. You wonder if she is meeting the man she met while we were out having lunch. The babysitter arrives, and you aren’t very happy. You are 14 and certainly old enough to stay by yourself. You were thinking of having a last minute party. There is this girl you like, and you heard she is very slutty. Mommy is oblivious to your needs, so why should you listen to here when she tells you to behave. You will be in for a big surprise when you find out the babysitter isn’t there for the reasons you thought. Mommy decided it was time to make you a man. 

Mommy doesn’t return home till morning. You rush to her, hug her, and thank her for the best gift a boy could every receive.

Early Morning Phone Sex

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When you wake up with a big, hard cock and your girlfriend is not with you, instead of going it alone in the shower, call me. I love it when you are still in your bed and sound a little sleepy.

What if I was your girlfriend and I woke you in the sexiest way possible? Instead of that horrible, loud, unpleasant alarm jarring you from a sex dream, what if my mouth was on your cock. I wake before you, and you wake up to the sensation of my warm mouth sucking your cock. Even before you open your eyes, you utter a moan, and you rub your hand over the back of my head. You feel my soft, long dark hair brushing against your stomach and tickling your balls. Finally, when you do open your eyes, the first thing you see is my sparkling blue eyes looking up at you and my red lips around your cock. 

Have something else in mind to start the day? You and I can do the most sensual and erotic role-plays together in the early hours. Nothing is forbidden, nothing too taboo for me. 


Written By: BrookeBrooke
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Naughty Babysitter Teaches Your Daughter To Play

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 Tax season is a hectic time of year for you. I have been doing a lot of extra babysitting for your daughter. I bet that I have spent more time with her than you. She is a very tender age where she is becoming very curious about things.

After I picked her up from school the other day, while driving her home, she asked me what it was like to have boobs. I turned up the song that was playing and taught her some of the dirty lyrics.

I made her dinner, and we sat down at the table together. She asked me again about my boobs. I told her she could have ice cream if she stopped asking about them. The bratty girl, too smart for her own good, said that if she could see my tits, she would stop asking. I told her to go to her room and do her homework. You sent me a text informing me that it was going to be another late night. 

I helped her with her math homework and told her it was bedtime. She said she was not going to bed until I showed her my tits and let her touch them. She is such a tenacious creature!  I do what you always do. I gave in to her request. Once she was ready for bed, I took off my shirt and let her play with my tits. I confess, her touching them got me turned on. After she fell asleep, I went into your bedroom and fingered myself next to your sleeping daughter.

Well, I thought she was asleep, but her eyes popped open, and she saw me. She asked me to show her how to do that. I knew she would never go to sleep until I did. I taught her where to rub on her tiny clit and inside her pussy. After her first little orgasm, she drifted off to a peaceful sleep. I’m curious to know what other things I have taught her? 


ChrissyWritten By: Chrissy
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Pantyhose Fetish Makes Him Hot!

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I just got off the phone with one of my favorite callers. He is wearing his black control-top, Silk Reflections pantyhose under his suit pants at work. There is a new girl in the office. I suspect that she is looking to make a good impression and might not have a lot of money to fit into their office setting yet. According to my caller, the new office girl is wearing platform heels and a short skirt with very sexy sheer to the waist pantyhose.

Hearing her high heels click as she walks past his office was driving him crazy and making him all hot and hard. He pretended to get a cup of coffee and followed her around the office as much as he could. She bent down and opened a file drawer. He could see up her thighs under her skirt. Then he had to retreat to his office, lock the door and call me.

Of course, I teased him, showing him no mercy. I know what my caller wants to do. We did a role-play where I was the new girl. He called me into his office and bent me over his desk. He slowly unzipped his pants and rubbed this hips covered in black pantyhose against mine. The friction between our pantyhose, even in a role-play, was enough to make him cum in his own pantyhose.

If you have a legs or pantyhose fetish, call me for a hot role-play!


BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Mommy Morgan Makes A Man Out Of You

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It is your birthday, and it is a big important one. There is a party, and everyone in the family attends. There is a lot to celebrate. The wine flows, your Uncle gives you a beer, so much food, and Mommy looks so proud and so happy. The day is long, and as the party is ending, your Uncles pull aside. They have you say thank you and goodnight to your guests. Surprising that Mommy is not around to say goodnight to the family. You thank them for coming and for the gifts. They form a circle around you and escort you out into the backyard.

There is your Mommy Morgan, with her legs dipped in the hot tub. Her hair is pinned up, and she is wearing a  short white gown. The scene looks like something out of Roman Mythology. Mommy looks ethereal and beautiful. Her movements are graceful and lovely as she plays in the water. Your Uncles are pushing you towards her. You are mesmerized by her beauty, and you suddenly have become shy with your Mommy.

Mommy approaches you and takes you into the tent that was set up for the party. Now empty, Mommy has you sit with her. She explains that in keeping with the centuries-old family tradition, you will experience this special family ritual tonight. You will learn the mysteries of pleasing a woman and Mommy will teach you the responsibilities of being a real man. Mommy will no longer call you her sweet boy. You will experience all the wonderful, pleasurable sensations that the man of the house enjoys. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Mommy undresses you and kisses you in places that were forbidden until now. She is on her knees and takes you into her mouth. Her eyes are looking into your eyes. It is magical and erotic. You feel like you have moved from boy to man when you put your cock into her. 


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Giantess Phone Sex Goddess

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Hello tiny, helpless  man. How does the view look from down there? I bend down and pick you up so I don’t step on you. I’ll keep you safe and slide you inside my nice, warm cunt. Imagine how that would feel? Your tiny body swishing around in my tight vaginal walls while your gorgeous amazon woman walks around. I might take you out from time to time and rub you against my clit. If I pleasure myself too much with your tiny body, my pussy might squirt. You would be thrashing around trying not to drown in my sweet, succulent juices.

If you’re into a beautiful Giantess Goddess who will protect you or crush you like a bug, call me! I will make your tiny cock have a huge cum load.


CarmenWritten By: Carmen
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Good Girl Gets Naughty with Neighbor

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Most people describe me as the “girl next door.” I’m kind of shy sometimes around new people, but behind closed doors, I am hot and wild. I like sexy, sweet guys with a fantastic sense of humor and a healthy appetite for sex.

A super amazing thing happened. A hot guy has moved in next door. I saw the U-haul truck pull up, and I watched him, and his buddies unload his stuff. I saw a weight bench and other workout equipment. He is strong and has a very sexy, muscular body. He caught me looking out the window at him, and he waved and smiled. I don’t see a girlfriend or wife around. Things could get interesting! 

I bet he could use some help unpacking boxes and decorating his new place. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty or work up a sweat. He and I can put sheets on the bed and end up in his bed together. I am a very friendly neighbor!




Written By: Annaliese
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You Can’t Resist A BJ From Tara

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You have a wife, and you try to be good. You try to resist my warm, sexy mouth sucking your hot cock. Don’t you deserve some fun? When was the last time that your wife sucked your cock for as long as you wanted? You know how much I love to suck your cock. 

Your wife is not as hot, wet or tight as she used to be. Your wife gained some serious weight this winter, but a hot beach girl, like me, swam every day to keep my body tight and firm. Did you know that swimmers give the best blowjobs? I can hold my breath and take your cock, every inch. Am I making your cock tingle a bit? 

When you’re alone, your hand feels fine, but my mouth makes your cock incredibly hard. Give into temptation and give me a call! 



TaraWritten By: Tara
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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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There’s something so thrilling about telling a man how to touch himself for me. Knowing that I have so much control over his orgasm makes me feel like a sexual goddess. Hearing that catch in his breathing every time I hit one of his spots, get me so excited. I like it even better when he turns the tables on ME and takes over. I don’t mind slowing down and listening to his instructions.

While you’re on a call with me, my body is yours to do what you want with. I’ll touch exactly how you instruct me to. We can stretch it out and see how long we can last. When we finally allow ourselves to cum together, it’ll be hard and intense.



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Worthless Dick

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I am sure you hear that saying all the time because you have a worthless dick. It’s incredibly sad that you can never pleasure a woman in your whole entire existence. Once you take that pathetic thing out of your pants, woman hysterically laugh while pointing to the micro object between your legs. The best part for me is when you tell me how many inches you get when you’re erect. I really can’t wrap my head around a dick that size so I will ask you to compare it to something like a baby carrot, chapstick or your pinky.

If you think you have a worthless dick (which I’m sure you do) send me a picture so I can get a good laugh. It doesn’t stop there though, I will go out of my way to humiliate and degrade you. I will show my hot friends your picture. They won’t believe the photo is real, they’ll think I photoshopped it. Once I tell them that is your actual dick, they will also get a good laugh out of it.

Soooo….. you pathetic, worthless dick loser, are you ready to call me or are you worried your dick will shrink & shrivel even more from my verbal humiliation.



PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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MILF & Cookies

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I am very excited to see you every day after school. I know how you admire your phone sex Mommy when she dresses very sexy so I make sure I would be wearing a low cut blouse that shows off my big, succulent breasts. You can’t fool Mommy, I know your attention goes straight to my chest when I’m talking to you. When you’ve been a good boy (most of the time) Mommy likes to bake your favorite cookies so they’re hot and fresh when you get home.

I have you sit down and I put a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies in front of you. I stand behind you while you’re seated at the kitchen table and give you a big hug and you can feel my hot breath in your ear telling you I’ve been thinking about you all day. While you’re enjoying the goodness in your mouth, I gently give you a shoulder massage and stroke your hair.

Once you’re all done with my delicious cookies, Mommy explains that we’ve ran out of milk! No worries dear, I have something else in mind to wash all those cookie crumbs down your throat. Mommy slides down her skirt and panties, moves the empty plate to the kitchen sink, and sits on the table right in front of you with legs spread eagle.

Enjoy sweetheart! Mommy’s pussy is so wet and creamy because I’ve been masturbating all day, waiting for you to come home.

What could be better than MILF and cookies?


LizetteWritten By: Lizette
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Bad Britt

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People would never think a cute, young pretty girl like me could have a naughty side. Everyone thinks I look like a good wholesome girl next door. You would expect someone like me at your door selling Girl Scout cookies or maybe running around on the soccer field.

Boy, do I have everyone fooled.

I am bad.

I get off on seeing men’s faces when I take out my big strap-on. I let them know right away that I am in charge. Any moans or whimpers will only drive me to stretch you more. I may be petite but when I have a huge dick between my legs, I feel like super woman and have all the power in the world. I’m confident and I know I can get any man I want but I prefer to be the hunter, looking for my prey. I can take the strongest, domineering man and turn him into my weak, submissive fuck toy.

If you’re done with the boring good girls, it’s defiantly time to try an experienced bad girl who doesn’t play by the rules.


Baby BrittWritten By: Baby Britt
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While The Hubby Is Away, Amber Likes To Play

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My husband recently started traveling more which is great because he’s making more money. I do love the lavish lifestyle however, the down side to this is my pussy is neglected, and I really dislike that. The one man who is really closest to me, and always been by my side is my phone sex son. We always have a great time together.

Recently, my son and I have been going to dinners, movies and late night drinks at his favorite pub while the hubby is away. He likes when I dress sexy, and he shows me off to his friends. I even overheard him him brag to his friends that he has the hottest mom. With all these outings we’ve had lately, it honestly feels like we’re dating.

Last weekend my husband had another business trip so my son and went to one of his favorite clubs. I felt a little old to be going to a night club but he insisted. After a few drinks, and several shots, we were dancing. His hands were all over me and mine were all over him. He started making out with me on the dance floor in front of everyone. He slipped his hand between my thighs and worked his way up my dress towards my pussy. I couldn’t believe I was doing this with my son! Maybe it was the Tequila shots but I wanted to go home and finish what we started.

We took an Uber back to the house and gave the driver a 20 minute hot mother/son fondling session. When we got inside, I led him to my room and we quickly undressed one another. He pushed me on the bed and told me he’s the man of the house now. After of hours of foreplay and mind blowing sex, he is definitely the new man in charge of Mommy’s pussy.


Written By: Amber Lace
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My Fetish Lover

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I know your fetish but I will never tell because our time together is ours, uniquely designed just for the two of us. You tell me erotic stories and compose detailed role plays tailored specifically to your deepest desires and things you crave the most. Some are on the taboo and perhaps extreme side even, but you know that I never judge but rather trod along beside you happily, eager to indulge in your latest endeavor. You never seize to amaze and intrigue me with your mysterious twists and turns. I love your creative kink and erotic wisdom, they truly make ours a very intense phone sex session no matter what your choice of topic, fantasy or fetish play.

I’m your eager and most elated travel companion anytime you feel like venturing down the road of taboo and pure pleasure even if it does come with a bit of pain.

Your Naughty Ashlee



AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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