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Married Men Turn Me On

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Last year I started fucking my best friends dad. I’ll be the first one to admit, I have a problem keeping my legs shut when I come across as very sexy man.

It’s happening again. I started hanging out with this new girl this year and holy shit is her dad freakin hot! It’s even more exciting that he’s married. 

My new friend is upstairs waiting for me while I roam her family’s house looking for her dad. I make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Sooner or later he’ll catch me undressing.

It was getting late and my friend decided to jump in the shower real quick after a long day. Her dad found me sitting on her bed putting on my pajama top, he shut the door behind him and gave me an a sexy smirk. He told me he knew exactly what I was up too.

I wasn’t surprised when he unzipped his pants and walked towards me. I knew I had a time limit while my friend was in the shower. I licked my lips and put his cock in my sweet little mouth and started sucking away. I had to have his cock even if it was just for a little bit. I’m sure we’ll find a way to meet up again.

Next time it must be secluded where we can’t get caught. I want him to have full advantage of my sexy, Asian body.


Written By: Miko
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International Body Language Of Sex

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Let me sit on your lap and grind away. I rub my beautiful round breasts with hard nipples against your lips. You know my pussy is so good and wet. I ride comfortable against your pants, as you whisper in my ear, “Talk dirty to me, Skylar!”

I know the international body language of sex. We have quite the conversation!  My sensual lap dance uses the unspoken universal language of erotic passion and sex. The fire in your pants ignites and intensifies when I add my my naughty, dirty words. I make you hard and hot for me. My dirty words and my curves make you crave obsessive sticky sex with me.

I whisper sexy, nasty words as I unzip your pants. I take you between my lips. I leave lipstick stains on your big, thick throbbing hard package. You moan and talk dirty to me as I suck your cock. I bring you to the edge, but stop before you explode.

You know I need more! You grab me and take me from behind. You know my pussy and ass are yours. No need to ask or explain. I scream and beg for more. I plead for you to fuck me harder! You know I can’t get enough of you. My greedy body wanting more. My dirty words making your fuck me harder and harder!

Finally, unable to speak, you just moan as you ultimately explode and fill me with your precious cum.

No more dirty talk. I leave you spent and content. You are drained but happy.

SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Blackmail Phone Sex

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I know all of your secrets.  I am going to use those secrets against you unless you are very good to me. I know all of those naughty things that you do. I know the real you!

I know about your secret bank account. I know that you like young girls with tiny curves. I know what you hide from the rest of the world. I know things about you that your boss, best friend, and your wife does not know.

So you better be really super nice to me!

I want you to treat me like a spoiled princess to distract me, so I don’t share your secrets. You would be ruined!


KimmieWritten By: Kimmie
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New Year, New Challenges

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Where is the strangest place you have ever mastubated? I ask this because I love adventurous men. I love a guy who is not afraid to show his cock some love in unusual places.

Perhaps you would like to jerk off for me while doing 70 mph on the interstate? Or maybe you call me from the bathroom stall while you’re at dinner with your wife. 

The urge might hit you while you’re out fishing or even on the golf course. You know my voice and talent will get you off so you feel very satisfied. 

Are you bold enough to take the risk to share your orgasm with me in a new and exciting place? It’s a new year and I challenge you to show me how dirty you can be!



AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Extra Creamy Cream Pie

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m ready for a little spoiling. You can save the chocolates and flowers. Gather up some of your friends instead! My hungry holes want jizz and more jizz. I’ll be on my knees waiting to service all that hard cock. It can be a rough gang bang or a sensual fuck fest, but I need to be taken and filled up!

Just thinking about my pussy feeling your cock pulsing and then exploding inside of me makes me so wet. Just knowing that there is another in line to take his turn next gets me so hot.

I’ll have such a sloppy little pussy and ass to play with after everyone leaves. Or maybe you’ll want to stick around and put your cock back in my gaping semen filled pussy. As long as you make sure it’s dripping out of me, you can have everything you want!


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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Knock Me Up Phone Sex

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I know it’s only January but I’m imagining myself in the summer with my tiny bikini on with a big, round belly. I know you’ve been wanting to knock me up for a very long time.

So, I’ve been thinking and you know what? I think I want your cum deep inside my tight, teen cunt. What’s even hotter is knowing we’re family. I think family phone sex is the best, and what better way to show my love to you is to have your baby. 

This time is going to be so special because I’m not going to have your cum on my face or tits. I can’t wait to feel your hot load in my fertile pussy, knowing we’re making a baby. If I don’t get pregnant this month, it’s totally okay. I will have you sneak into my bed every night and keep fucking me until I get knocked up. I also can’t wait for my tits to be bigger! I would love to ride you while you suck on my puffy, lactating nipples.

Are you ready to knock me up?


Written By: Gina
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You’re Such a Pretty Girl

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You rush home from school every day. You know that Mommy Morgan won’t be home for a few hours. You have the house to yourself and you raid her lingerie drawer.

Every day you pull out every single pair of Mommy’s panties and place them all over her bed. Then you get naked and hop up on the bed. You pick up each pair and rub Mommy’s panties all over your body. The feeling is intoxicating.

You edge yourself with a pair of panties until you can’t stand it any longer and then you squirt into them. You don’t want to anger Mommy so you carefully fold and return all of panties so she does not discover your naughty secret.

This afternoon, you wonder what it would feel like to actually wear Mommy’s panties. You decide to put on a pair of black extra silky lacy panties. You see your reflection in the mirror. It’s very exciting. You find a black garter belt and black stockings, and you put them on. Thrilling! You find a black bra and put that on too.

You edge and edge yourself losing all sense of time. Mommy walks in to her bedroom and finds you looking so hot and sexy. You’re amazed that Mommy is smiling and happy to see you dressed in her black silky lingerie.

She hugs you so tight and whispers, “You are such a pretty girl,” and you explode right into Mommy’s panties.


Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Fuck Spell

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It’s that one word that gets you every single time. I can talk very filthy but when I say that one magic word, it sends shivers down your back and straight to your cock.

When I say “FUCK” your cock instantly stiffens and you’re hypnotized on my sensual voice. From that moment forward, I have you doing things under my “Fuck” spell.

The more I say FUCK, the more you want to explode. Since you’re in a “Madame Joanne” trance, I have complete control over your orgasms. I may allow you to release or I might leave your balls still heavy and full.

Just seeing the word Fuck spelled out in front of you does absolutely no justice. You have to call me and hear me say that hypnotic word in your ear and you will soon become one of my many “Fuck Spell” victims.




JoanneWritten By: Joanne
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Teaching Lessons About Sex

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It’s so fun teaching my younger brothers friends all about sex. They all know I’m a little nympho. They’re always asking me questions. So, I figured they needed a lesson. Making them take out their hard cocks for me. I admired each one, the length, and thickness.

It was making my cunt ache. I was feeling the need to have some cocks in my wet mouth. They all took turns fucking my mouth. They grabbed the back of my hair and gave me that final thrust as the hot cum flowed down my throat.

I love when they take turns fucking my smooth pussy nice and hard. The lessons keep getting better. The next lesson I’ll be teaching them is my favorite… Anal!

ErinWritten By: Erin
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Single and Having Fun

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It’s a new year and I am still single and loving it!

It’s no secret, I am young, incredibly hot, and intelligent. Those are three things that are rarely ever found in a combination such as this. I am very independent but I know how to get what I want, when I want it. Like most women, I enjoy the company of a man eager to please and satisfy my spontaneous desires.

I’ve been a bit of a serial dater for some time now. I enjoy every minute of it. Everyone always wants to know when will I get married and when will I settle down? I usually tell them the same thing everytime. I’m having too much fun right now to be tied down.




Written By: Gracie
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Edge Play With Makaylah

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I’ve been so bored with the same old fucking and sucking I’ve been doing. Lately, I’ve been having a blast bringing a man to the brink of an orgasm only to have him stop and then start up again for me. It makes my pussy wet just hearing you whimper when I tell you to stop.

I love being the ultimate tease. There’s nothing more gratifying than riding your cock and listening to you beg me to cum. I love the control it gives me.

Do you think you have it in your balls to play with me?


MakaylahWritten By: Makaylah
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The Enjoyment of Teasing You Gets Me Off

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I absolutely enjoy watching you squirm with your cock in your hands. You’re sitting on the bed, listening to my every word and obeying. I’m going to make you beg to cum. You think that is your cock in those hands of yours, but I’m the owner of it!  I tell you what you can and cannot not do.

  You’ll hold your dick nice and tight as I give you a strip tease and grind on you. I know you get excited and want to stroke it, but you aren’t allowed until I say so. 

I like getting on my knees and kiss just the tip of your cock. I’ll suck the pre-cum out, but you better hold it until I say you can release. Hold it firmer as I rub it in between my breasts, up and down.

Isn’t this fun? I know you’re excited and feeling hot. It gets more fun when I sit on just the tip of your cock and tease you. I know you want to slide in further into my pussy, but I haven’t given you the okay.  The enjoyment of teasing you gets me off.  Let’s see how long you can hold that dick in your hands.





Written By: Adrianna
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Miss Angie the Librarian

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 I know you’ve been a good boy because I see you here at the library everyday after school doing your homework. Do I make you nervous? I hope so! Shy little school boys turn me on, especially the young ones like you.

Whenever you come to my desk to check out your books, you can’t help but stare at my big, luscious tits. I know you crave them in your mouth. Your eyes beg for an older, experienced woman like myself to teach how to be a dirty boy.

The library closes at 4 today, stay a little late with me so I can show you what it feels like to be with a hot and sexy experienced woman. 



Written By: Miss Angie
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The Older Man Next Door

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I did my morning yoga and saw my neighbor sitting in his office next door. He is focused on his computer and always works so hard. He works at home now, but his wife still goes to her office. I have a thing for older men, but don’t all girls? I get even more horny for him, so I fantasize about fucking him while I shower and dry my hair.

Then I go to my lingerie drawer. Instead of wearing a little cotton thong, I put on my sexy lavender silky bra and panties. As I stand in front of the mirror, my nipples are hard and poking into the thin fabric of the bra. I feel my pussy dripping into the clean panties. Dirty panties already!

The temptation is too great, and I need an older man to make me cum today! I slip into a short skirt, sweater, and boots. Next, I text the older man next door, asking him if I can stop by because I want to borrow a book. He says the back door is open, and he is in his home office. He is happy to let me borrow any of his books! The only thing I want is his sexy, sophisticated older man’s dick!

He does not hear me when I open the door to his office. I walk behind him, touch his shoulders, and run my fingers down his arms. I pull his hands off his keyboard. I beg him to fuck me. He tries to resist me. I am so young and naughty that I make him forget he is married. He can’t resist my hot, young body! I suck his cock as he fingers my sweet, tight pussy. He makes sure that I have such intense orgasms! Now it is your turn to fuck me!



Written By: Annaliese
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Secret Weapon

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I have a personal philosophy of doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Your company needs an extra asset, a secret weapon to complete a very important deal. Your client sent three of their most powerful negotiators to work on a crucial deal between your two companies. The deal has some significant unresolved issues. Your company and their company cannot have not been able close the deal.

Possibly a more relaxed setting will lighten the mood, so your clients will agree to your deal after a few cocktails and the best steak dinner in town. You invite me to this dinner as your secret weapon. You tell me to look hot and make them drool. You promise me that you will definitely make it worth my while if I charm the pants off of them.

I meet you at the restaurant. I have on a very tight, low cut black dress. You introduce me to your clients. Each of them stutter and stammer over their words. I am placed at the table between the two of the guys from the other company and across the table from you. You notice that they are fascinated with my breasts. Both men keep looking down my sexy dress.

As the plates are being cleared, I suggest that we all go back to your office and talk this out. I point out that both companies want this deal. I suggest that you hammer it out tonight. Everyone agrees and we go back to your office.

As soon as everyone sits down, the arguing starts again. The same sticking points seem to be unresolved. I suggest a break. I take the three men into an empty office and we negotiate our own deal. I will let them fondle my big breasts if they will concede on the first point. How can they say no to such an offer?

I don’t think they are going to budge on anything else. Oh wait. I see three bulges in three pairs of pants. By taking care of those hard cocks, I am sure that this deal will be signed tonight.

You’re welcome, baby!  Now take me home and pay up.


Written By: AvaAva
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Macy Loves Taking Away Your Manhood

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I find myself in Macyneed of a slut who needs to be used. Do you have a dirty little secret you want to tell me? Really nasty things you have done or fantasize about doing while dressed up? Maybe sucking another mans cock or possibly getting butt fucked by a big black cock.

My biggest pleasure comes from taking your manhood away, allowing you to feel a total loss of control. Being dominated by a woman like me, and being forced to suck a cock against your will after I make you put on some dick sucking red lipstick. I will break the boundaries of shame and embarrassment, and break down your facade.

I know exactly what a guy like you wants more than anything, you want to eat my cum filled cunt! You will just have to rub one out a loser, there will be no fucking for you today, just like every other day of your life I am quite sure!

Always remember that Mistress Macy likes all type of naughty sluts.




MacyWritten By: Macy


I Love Small Dicks

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Yeah right, I don’t want any small dicks in my pussy, but I do love small penis humiliation calls. I love when small dick losers call me and I get to laugh at them.

I used to feel sorry for your pathetic excuse of a penis, now I just love to tease you about it. I love to let you know what I really think. I’ve seen clits bigger than some of the cocks I’ve seen!

I love it when guys email pics of their little cocks. I send it in a group text to my girlfriends and I laugh my ass off at their responses.

  Do you got a small one? I want to see it! I’m in the mood to laugh and ridicule your small nub between your legs.




ParisWritten By: Princess Paris
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Hot Seduction Phone Sex

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Now is the perfect time for me to lure you into my bed with my sexy, seductive ways and young, hot body. Hear my soft, sultry voice whispering dirty desires in your ear.

I’ve been thinking of you all afternoon longing to feel your hard, throbbing cock inside me. My body is so hot, wet, and hungry for you. I’ll do anything to get what I must have.

Look into my eyes, you can see the raw lust and desire. And, my hands right here between my smooth, creamy thighs slowly creeping up to my wet, tight sex holes.

The things the two of us can do is unfathomable. 

Wanting you now!


AutumnWritten By: Autumn
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Fulfilling Your Special Desires

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As a woman who is in touch with the sexual and mental needs of myself and the people around me, I’m the perfect woman for GFE phone sex. I don’t mind that I’m the other woman. I may even go as far as to say I deeply enjoy the way it feels.

 A large part of being the other woman means filling your special sexual needs that are currently left ignored. We can get down and dirty together anytime, it will be something private for us to share together.

I’m a mother and I love mommy fetish phone sex but that’s not the only thing that gets me wet. We can try new things together and explore your deepest desires together. More than anything, we’ll have a chance to have real conversation together. I know this sounds silly but I love intelligent phone sex, I am an educated woman that loves being naughty with you. 


Written By: Vivian
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Men Love My Big Breasts

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I admit, that I use my voluptuous big breasts to my advantage. I’ve flirted my way to get major discounts with my recent home repairs. My big tits also got me out of speeding tickets a few times.

Whenever I go to my son’s school to have a conference with the principal, I always made sure I wore something tight and low cut. He always stumbled his words as he stares at my big breasts. Needless to say, my child never got in any trouble.

Also, I find my huge tits help me attract the hottest guys. Men buy me drinks and flirt with me all the time. They like to take me out and show me off as arm candy.

Men like how I dress to accentuate my curves rather than trying to hide them.

I love using my big tits to my advantage. Call me and use them to yours. 


LizetteWritten By: Lizette
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