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Caller A

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I have a caller, A, and I can’t put into words how pathetic this man truly is. It’s hilarious! First, he’s married and his wife won’t even let him fuck her— she fucks HIM! She and her friends have a good laugh at his expense. Strap-on play isn’t even the best part. He cums super quick. When I do calls with him, I put the stopwatch on and time him. I know it’s hard to imagine, but he cums in less than a minute— sometimes twice! It’s soooo funny! And the girly little noises he makes. Holy cow. I laugh so hard at him. Now his wife is making him take real dick while she and her girlfriends laugh and cheer him on. I love a man that knows his place.




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Fucked And Sprayed

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         I watched from my window as the little cutie across the courtyard was being pumped with his cute ass up in the air. I have to admit it made me so fucking hot! I love to stargaze so my telescope was already set up. I wanted a much closer view.  Soon he was joined by a lovely, older redhead. Could that be his mommy I wondered? While the man fucked his little boy pussy, the hot redhead fucked his mouth with her strap-on. Maybe I could get a little closer, if I went outside. With my clothes rearranged I found their window, and got a much better look. Did he wink at me? I wouldn’t need much encouragement to join them. 

I could hear the boy telling them to pull out and shoot all over him. Mommy got next to him, cheek to cheek, and waited for the man to shoot his load. He came hard in big, hot bursts of cum. It looked so delicious! Then what happened next was so fucking filthy. The man snuck behind me, and pulled me into their apartment. I just couldn’t help myself, and I began to lick the jizz of their faces. 

How fucking hot, dirty and exciting is my fantasy? Join me in a hot one of your desires.

Two Size Queens

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    Let’s share a big, thick, sexy cock together. I know you think about cock sucking just as much as I do. I am a good girl, and willing to share. I know you’re a size queen just like me, so what are you waiting for?

A friend of my daddy has the sexiest cock I have ever seen. The head is a perfect yummy helmet head. I get so wet when I see the pre-cum bubbling out of his pee hole. I bet it makes you just as excited. What could be hotter than sharing the experience together, kissing over the big helmet head and sharing his pre-cum. You can lick his ass to make him rock hard, and even bigger. Something tells me you’re quite good at rim jobs. Join me?

xoxo, Piper




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Cum Whore Phone Sex

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Excuse me, do I have something on my face? Ha Ha! You bet your ass I do. CUM is one of my favorite things! Put your hot, sticky load in me, on me…wherever it lands is cool with me. What ever doesn’t land in my mouth will be scooped up so I can get my fix. Some people need to drink water everyday, I need cum on a daily basis.

Last weekend I was bartending and I gave my co worker a blowjob during his 20 minute break. I was shocked how big and thick he was. He’s kind of a smaller guy so I wasn’t expecting much. Not only did he have a big cock, but huge balls, and you know what that means? This cum whore was so satisfied with his enormous cum load that I picked up 3 more shifts this week to work with him again.



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Holidays with Lady Rayne

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I love this time of the year. Cocktail parties, shopping, out with good friends, and the anticipation of my slaves. I sometimes wonder who looks more forward to gift giving. My naughty boys or my nice boys? My gorgeous retro tree is up, and we are sipping Merlot. Next week is a special coming out party. One of my slaves has finally called my strap-on a cock after all my prodding and teasing. He officially loves balls, cock and being a jizz junkie. We went through Eros and found him his perfect fuck. When I told him he would have to share, he got extremely whiny. Lady Rayne detests whiny boys.

Are you naughty or nice? Let’s decide together.


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Spooky Mistress For Sissy Boys

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Making the last few arrangements for a huge bash at an abandoned church in The Village. I am not the crazy wild one at parties, but the quiet Mistress taking in all the guests. I am always looking for a new slave to add to my tribe. I more than likely will be found sitting on a plush chair drinking a Corpse Reviver with my feet propped up on a slaves back. This year I am looking for something, I don’t know “different”. I quickly get bored with the same old things.

I drove over to the church and began to set things up. The flower arrangements were amazing, and so was the delivery man. We chatted for a few. It didn’t take long to size him up. Then came the caterers. Judging by the look on the flower delivery person, he was completely into the caterer. Heavens, this could be fun! I suggested the delivery guy, Jon stay and sample the drinks with us. After a few, things became extremely interesting in a deviant sort of hot way. I watched as the men tried to avoid my stare, and evil smile. I decided that Jon needed some coaxing, so I accidentally spilled a drink on his starched white shirt. Sorry, not sorry.

I can’t say enough how much I love guy on guy. There is something so feral about the grunts, groans and slapping skin as they fuck. I could have waited, invited them both to the bash, but why? I wanted to see them fuck, and was curious on who would be the bottom in this hot, sexy, and hopefully messy hook-up. Men are so amusing, as they seem to be afraid of my wraith if I am not happy.

Cum join this Spooky Mistress for Halloween. Halloween is the time for the real you to cum out. Are you a bottom or a top?


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How Much Can You Cum?

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I know a lot of women say the most important thing is cock size. That is very true because no woman wants a tiny dick…..ever! Micro-penis’s are only fun to laugh at. What I think is one of the most important thing about a man is how much he can cum. I’ve had a glorious 9 inch cock before, only to have him squirt a little teaspoon of cum! I pretty much assumed that all big cocks cum big, and I realized (the hard way) that’s not always the case.
I love cum in me and on me, so for a man to cum a little bit is defiantly a turn off. I really like watching porn where men are jerking off and seeing how much they can shoot. Of course, the best is when they can explode across the room or all over themselves.
Many of my callers tell me they always cum so much with me. I get told it’s because of my voice or my wild imagination that gets them so turned on. I love hearing about it, and what you’re going to do with it once you do cum. Of course, my ultimate is when you eat your own cum. It’s such a waste otherwise.
If you love cum like me or you think you can cum a lot, please call and share it with me.



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That Sexy Time Of The Year

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I am so excited for October. That means Halloween and lots of parties. I start to think about Halloween just as soon as summer bikini time is over. You’re getting excited too as you are a bit of a perv and you love seeing the younger ones in their cute costumes.

You ask me if this year I can host a few parties and make sure my phone sex sisters are there. I knew it all along, you prefer the younger ones! That’s okay because so do I.  You will be renting an old building for the party. There will be lots of drinks as always.

You and I go shopping for our costumes. The thought of our accomplice play has gotten me dripping wet. I take out my phone and we both begin to look at pictures of my sister. She is so fucking hot! I grab you by the back of your head and pull your hungry mouth to my cunt. After I cum hard on your face, it is back to trying on costumes. My poor pervy friend, you are rock hard and still looking at my phone sex sisters pictures. If you fucking cum on my phone, you will lick it up!



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Nympho Freak Phone Sex

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I’ve been craving a lot of dick lately, even from little white boys. I become an angry bitch when I’m not getting my holes stuffed. I defiantly have a split personality. There’s the sweet side of Keshia (like the one you see in the picture) where I am all smiles, and that is because I’m about to get fucked or been pounded real good. Then there’s this nasty side of me that is a mega ghetto bitch when I’m not getting laid. That doesn’t happen to often because everyone wants to fuck this chocolate Goddess. BUT… when a booty call doesn’t answer,you best believe I’ll be on to the next.

I’m a cum freak as well. I like my wet twat to be oozing with a big load at all times. I love to finger bang my pussy and taste my fingers with cum dripping from them.

Ready to satisfy my nympho needs? All cocks are welcomed.



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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

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I’m a big fan of mutual masturbation, but I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more thanks to one of my favorite callers. He not only masturbates on the phone with me, he lets me tell him how to fuck himself. He calls and lets me know what toys he has on hand to fuck his ass. If only you could hear the sounds that come out of him. I make him pound his ass as hard as he can. I can hear pleasure and pain in his moans. I tell him what a good little fag he is. He really, really likes that and is quick to agree with me. The very best part about the call is that he saves some cum to eat. He’s such a nasty boy. He practically screams when he finally blows his load. Those noises get to me, I cum too. Mutual masturbation is always the best.


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Keeping My Slaves In Line

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I adore keeping my slaves guessing just what I will do to them next. Sometimes they actually have balls to make a request. Normally, that gets them punished without mercy, but this one amused me.

As my followers know, it is ALL about me and my pleasure. Now me being the twisted Domina I am, I did it to another slave instead of him. Why would I give him what he desires? The tricky little fucker! I invited about 10 of my Domina friends over with their boyfriends, fucks, husbands and such. I made him strip, get down on all fours and blindfolded him. Now sucking a huge dick, taking one in your ass, and jerking off two others can be a tad tricky. I told him he better not disgrace me by falling over. To disgrace me means trampling, and a punishment chastity device with lovely long spikes.

The session was about to begin when I decided I would be kind (not hardly)and fist him a bit to get his asshole open and gapping. I use this sexy leather glove with a few spikes here and there. Sweet, sweet pain. I do love to hear my slaves yelp in pain. Yes, of course there was some deep red blood, but all the better for natural lube. I made the slave that made the request watch, it was oh so satisfying.

It was a very long session, and your lady Rayne is ready for a long soak in tub, and a Arsenic and Old lace cocktail.


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Dirty or Clean Panties

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I love when you tell me what type of panties you want me to wear. I have so many types of panties. They come in so many colors, styles and fabrics. I’ll always be wearing your favorite pair of panties when you call me. Maybe you’ll be in the mood for me to put on a pair of clean ones or dirty ones or even the ones that have dried up cum in them. It makes me so hot when you make me take them off and you start to rub them all over your face, even shoving them in your mouth just to taste me.

You smell and taste my delicious pussy, and I know you want more. Leaving my scent all over your body. Now, what I really want is you to wrap my sexy panties around your cock and stoke for me and make a pretty creamy mess. I’ll be watching you clean it up like a good boy. You will never forget my scent once you get a whiff of it. You’ll want to jerk off with my panties all the time.


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Curious About Cocksucking?

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You have never put a cock in your mouth, but you have thought it, fantasized about it.

I think that is hot!  You are curious to learn what how cum tastes and what it feels like when a cock explodes in your mouth. You have so many questions and concerns about yourself and your manhood.

You watch porn, guys blowing other guys. Your cock gets hard. Sometimes you even think about having a guys cock in your mouth while your girlfriend is sucking yours. You cum hard that way, don’t you? 

Give me a call, and let’s talk about it. I love MMF sex, so I am the perfect person to give my thoughts and give you tips on how to find your first cock!

Consider it sex therapy!


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Delicious Decadent Mouthful

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Craving a taste of me and my delicious sweet cum?

Let’s hook up!  

I slip out of my skirt and my sexy panties. Drop to your knees. Lick the head of my pretty girl cock.  Come on, baby, make me hard! 

Take me into your mouth. Feel that cock of mine growing and taste that super sweet pre-cum drip on your tongue. I fuck your face until you make me explode and you drink all of my cum! 


You have always wanted a girl like me, a hot babe with a sexy cock! 


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Happy Wife. Happy Life.

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  Happy Wife, Happy Life. Or so you think?
You wonder why your wife has been so happy lately. Could it be the flowers you surprised her with last week or taking her to her favorite restaurant? Oh wait….. maybe the smile on her face has nothing to do with you.
Do you honestly think you can satisfy her with your 6 1/2 inch cock?
Get a clue! Your wife is fucking big cock, twice the size of yours.
She knew on your wedding day, while standing at the alter, looking into your sad, pathetic eyes, she was lying to you while giving her vows. She always knew your cock would never make her happy for the rest of her life.
When she calls you and says she might be a little late for dinner or another night out with the girls, she’s getting stuffed by big cock. You may even wonder why some nights while going down on her, she’s extra creamy. It’s because you’re eating another mans cum.
 Your only 2 options is to stroke your little dick thinking about her getting fucked by a real man or watching her in action. You wouldn’t want to disturb her happy life, would you?


KimberleyWritten By: Kimberley
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Titty Fuck For a Buck

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A recipe for an awesome titty fuck is to have a great set of tits. I’ve gotten many men off with my skillful jugs. I love milking cocks into a hot orgasms all over my tits. I’m not the type to let a sticky load go to waste. Oh no….. Memphis loves cum and I just lift my tits to my tongue and suck it off.

Many years ago, I dated a guy who was into Nascar. We spent the weekend camping and crazy things go on at night at the races, lol! I never realized how these fans like to party, It was like a whole other world, and I was digging it.

Men were wearing signs for free breasts exams, women were giving out blowjobs and I saw lots of swingers hooking up. Me being Memphis had to do something as well, and my boyfriend at the time, was open to anything. So, after 5 Bud lights, I borrowed some cardboard from our neighbor campers and made a sign that said ” TITTY FUCK 4 a BUCK!” I had a line around the camping grounds. I made enough to get a hotel room for the next night because I realized how much I hate sleeping in a fucking tent!

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Summer Blues

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It’s summer vacation, but I’m really bummed out! I have summer school and I’m not looking forward to it at all.

I arrive on time and go to the classroom assigned to me. I was hoping for a few boys to play with, but there is no one else here. Great. My teacher and principal come in and tell me that the next couple of months are going to be very important to me graduating. I roll my eyes and say ok, but my principal grabs my face in his hands and gives my cheek a slap. He tells me I’m going to do exactly what they say with no back talk. I was eye level with his cock where I was sitting at the desk and I could see how hard he was.

He unzipped his pants and jerked my hair back until my mouth fell open. My teacher did the same. Before I knew what was happening, my throat was being fucked and I was choking on throbbing cock. My principal screamed at me to keep my head down on it as he squirted his big load down my throat. As I was swallowing it, I looked at my teacher and he blew his cum all over my face. My principal patted my head as I heard a knock at the door. The male staff came filing in, plenty of hard “school work” ready for me to take care of.


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Cock Worshiper Noelle

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It’s no secret that I love cock, I always have. I’ve never been picky, I love them all. However, I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect cock. Not only is it the perfect size, shape and width, but this cock cums like no other cock I’ve ever had. He shoots like a fountain. He fills my holes until they’re running over. I love the way he fucks me, but I would rather spend hours on my knees worshiping it with my mouth. It takes both hands to stroke it and it thrills me to see all that creamy jizz explode from that fat mushroom head. It’s like eating ice cream licking all that goo up. Once I have him cleaned up, he’s already hard again and ready to go. He’s fine, but that cock is perfect. It’s my favorite addiction.



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Lady Rayne Severely Punishes Slave

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You arrive late which makes me more than just a little annoyed with you. A close friend was in town for the day, and I promised her a hot and nasty session with two of my slaves. “You are late faggot, and you have embarrassed me”. I yelled at him. He began to beg because he knew his punishment would be without mercy. I know exactly what my bitches secretly like, and really fucking hate.

I grabbed him by his collar, and dragged him to my guest bathroom with my friend following close behind. He dropped to his knees looking up at me and pleading. “Please, not the enema Lady Rayne”.  He actually had tears in his eyes, and promised to do anything. That was laughable as he is my fucking slave. My friend got the enema ready. We made him bend over and spread his ass cheeks. He pleaded even more now for me to let him release the dirty liquid.

We went out for a few hours leaving him filled and in pain from holding it in. We returned in good spirits, and ready to let him release. When I checked on him he apparently had an accident, and was desperately trying to clean things up. That just called for even more severe punishment. He is a bit of a “priss”, and always begs for the GQ type of men to suck off. Not tonight, faggot! You are going out, and sucking off dirty, small, useless dicks. That is the other thing you hate with a passion!


Lady RayneWritten By: Lady Rayne
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Teen FemDom Phone Sex

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I allow you to worship my hot, tight teen body.  Allow is the most important part. You’re so obedient to this little teen domme. I sometimes wonder just how far I can push my subs. Even though I can be a sub myself for the right man, most men aren’t it. I like older men, daddy figures to pamper me, and let me know when I’ve been a bad girl.

I am pounding you with my sweet ass moving back and forth. I hear the alarm being set, and I know phone sex daddy is home. He comes up the stairs after a long day, and walks into me fucking one of my classmates. He looks shocked because he has never seen his baby girl so dominant. I turn around and whisper something to him. I get back to fucking the shit out of my sub, as I hear daddy’s zipper going down. Mmmm, he licks on my tight, little pucker till it is open enough for him to fuck.

Daddy fills my ass up with his cum, and questions who will lick it clean. I finish fucking my sub, and let him know he has some cleaning up to do.



WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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