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Cover My Feet With Your Cum

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Do you have a foot or leg fetish? Does the thought of a woman’s pedicure turn you on? Do you just stare at a woman’s feet imagining all the places they could go? If you answered yes to any one of those questions then you’re in the right place and I’m just the girl for you.

My feet are here to satisfy you. You can worship them and suck my toes. You can lick my feet clean or give them a bath before you put them all over your face and inhale the smell you desire so much. Imagine as I run my toes around your lips and you suck my toes. I will run my feet down your chest and around your nipples; I’ll run my feet down your entire body until they reach that perfect resting place.

I’ll place my feet between your bulging cock as I stroke your shaft up and down with my feet, ensuring that I massage your balls with the heels of my feet. I will stroke the shaft soft and gentle then I’ll go fast and hard. I’ll get all that pre-cum off your cock with my feet and then I’ll jerk your cock like it has never been jerked before using my sexy, soft feet.

Up and down I’ll go using your cum as lube for my feet. I can even make a tight pussy with my feet and you can fuck my feet hard and fast until you need to explode. I want all that hot jizz covering my feet. Give it to me, cover my feet with your cum. They sit here out painted clean and ready for your load.


Written By: Victoria
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Foot Fetish Phone Sex

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Do you have a foot fetish?  Then you’ve certainly found the right girl! I just love having my perfect size 7 feet pampered, kissed, licked, and pedicured. You know what I like because you like pampering my feet as much as I like having it done.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with my feet. I have strong, sexy legs, if you have a leg fetish. Just imagine my strong thighs wrapped around you tightly.

I’ll turn you into my personal footstool and let you worship my feet all day. Even if you’re not into feet, you’ll love it with me because I get into it as well. Who wouldn’t love a sexy footjob with your hot cum dripping all over my gorgeous feet?


HannaWritten By: Hanna
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Worshipping My Sexy Feet

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I’ve had such a long day at work, and I can’t wait to get off my feet. Before I can even lift my legs to relax, you have them in your hands. You sit on the ottoman in front of me, removing my 6 inch heels. I moan as I feel your hands rubbing my pretty feet. Your fingers press hard, working all the tension out of them. My eyes close, my body relaxing.

As I feel your lips against the arch of one foot, my eyes open again. I watch your tongue trail all over my foot, sending shivers all over my body. Your eyes look into mine as you suck my toes into your mouth, giving each one attention. The feel of your tongue makes my pussy clench.

You take my other foot and place it against your hard cock. I caress the bulge through your pants, applying just the right pressure to make you moan against my foot. My hands grip the arms of the chair as you continue to worship my feet.

I watch as you stand in front of me, drop your pants and stroke your cock. You pick up both of my feet, placing them sole to sole. You slide your hard dick in between the arches, growling at the feel of it. I hold on as you lift my legs high, my ass comes off the chair.

My hand moves between my legs, rubbing my pussy as you pump my feet faster and faster. You pull away. One foot hits the floor while the other stays in your hand. You stroke your cock, cumming all over my toes. I watch as you lift my foot to your mouth, licking all that sticky cum off.

You lean over me, grabbing the back of my head and kiss me. Your hot cum goes into my mouth, leaving me wanting more.


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Young Slut in Stockings

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You love it when I wear pantyhose or sexy little stockings for you especially black thigh highs. It seems that lately you’re obsessed with them. I know you love to stroke that big cock with my silky stockings. And, more than anything you like it when I wear nothing else.

I’m such a young, tiny, hot slut in stockings for you with itty bitty fuck holes for the taking. You know what a cock whore I am and I never try to hide the fact that making my pussy squirt is all I really care about. And, I do love how sexy I feel and look when I slowly slip into my stockings for you. I’ll do whatever it takes to make your cock rock hard for my hot, teen pussy.

I climb up on your bed and spoon with you, rubbing my silky hose all over your body. Then I get your throbbing dick out and give you a hot, kinky foot job. You feel the soft, smooth silk and my  sexy toes rubbing your cock making it ache to cum.

As much as you want fuck my young pussy, you feel the urgent need to cum all over my sexy little feet. Watching your mushroom head get so big while you shoot your creamy, thick, white load all over my black silk stockings always makes my pussy squirt so hard.



LucieWritten By: Lucie
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Worthless Foot Whore

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You do know how to take care of me after a long day. The perks of having your own personal bitch boy are wonderful! I like the way you push your thumbs deep into my arches. Press all the way up and back down past the arches and work on my heels. You dirty foot whore, I know you have an urge to suck my toes dirty or clean. I’ll give you a taste when I’m good and ready.

Keep rubbing and massaging my feet just the way I want, the way I deserve. You should be thanking me for allowing you to touch me.

You worthless bitch, start begging me for what you crave. Good boy, start sucking my arches and work on those for a bit then slide your tongue up and down my soles. I bet you can’t wait to get my toes in your mouth. Start sucking bitch boy! Each and every toe just like a good little foot bitch that you are. As soon as I’m satisfied, maybe I’ll let you jerk your aching cock.


PhoenixWritten By: Phoenix
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A Whole Bag Of Kink

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Let me be the first to remind you of your proper place in the world, which is, of course, at my beautiful feet. While you are down there, why don’t you kiss those perfect toes. If you do a good job, maybe, just maybe, I might let you feel them play with your joystick.

Not into feet? That is just fine with me, because I have a whole bag of kink that I am going to pull out for you. Whether it’s CBT to the most extreme measure, or you just want to feel a little more lady like, I’m just the Goddess to primp you up, pimp you out, and make sure that all your little fairy holes are filled up just right.

When you’re ready to get really serious, call me. Don’t leave me waiting!



Sarah JesseWritten By: Sarah Jesse
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Foot Pleasure Phone Sex

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I love that you adore my feet. You pamper them and worship them any chance you get. After a long day, you massage them, and on the weekends, you send me for pedicures. The best is when you make a creamy mess on my toes when I still have my pantyhose on.

Today, I want you to slide off my pantyhose that I’ve been wearing all day. I want you to smell the scent of my dirty feet. Take the back of my foot right below my ankle and work your tongue to the arch of my foot, you’ll probably hear me give you a soft giggle because I am ticklish. 

You love servicing my feet, don’t you?

Take your fingers and your tongue and run them through each one of my cute little toes. I decide to slide my feet down your face, rubbing them down your body while I watch your cock swell up for me. You know what’s coming your way when I nudge your cock with my toes. You’ve done such a good job making me happy that it’s time that I wrap my feet around your thick, throbbing cock to get you off.



Written By: Andrea
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Worship Shay’s Feet

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 I catch you staring at my beautiful feet. You can’t help but get hard as you see my perfect toenails are painted hot pink. You instantly imagine those toes wrapped around your cock, sliding up and down. You know not to get your hopes up though.  After all, a Mistress is meant to be served, not to serve you.

  If I let you cum all over my toes that will be “solely” at my discretion. 

“May I?” you ask tentatively, gesturing towards my foot. 

I smile and lift it for you so that you can slip my six inch heel off slowly. You sigh contentedly as your thumb starts to stroke the arch of my foot. It smells so good, you lean down and inhale. You become almost lightheaded, stroking my foot faster. You begin to moan as I glide my toes around your mouth. What would you do to have a little taste? You’ll have to prove yourself to me before I allow this.


ShayWritten By: Shay
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Foot and Stocking Worship

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I know you cannot look away from my long legs encased in sheer black stockings. I know you want to kneel and touch them. Feel how silky they are?  Wouldn’t they feel good wrapped around your cock and balls? You need to worship my feet and earn one of those stockings to jack off with, don’t you?

You need to take my delicate ankle in your hand and lavish a lot of attention sucking my toes. Foot fetish and socking fetish phone sex is so hot, I can’t blame you for wanting to adore my black stocking covered thighs. With your fingers, you can peel the stockings down. Watch that sheer silky material slide down my leg. Put those pink toes in your mouth and wrap the stocking around your hard cock and begin to masturbate.

Doesn’t it feel like heaven to have my still warm stocking wrapped around your shaft? You will feel so much pleasure when we have the steamiest stocking fetish phone sex call ever. Let’s play footsie today.


BaileyWritten By: Bailey
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Foot Job Phone Sex

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I love pleasuring your hard cock with my pretty feet. I can jerk your cock off with the soles of my feet and play with your balls with my beautiful pedicure toes. The things I can do with my feet is indescribable. There’s just something about a foot job that’s way better than any ordinary hand job.

I’m ready to pleasure you in a way you have not ever experienced.

Are you ready for the greatest foot job of your life. I may even let you suck my toes.


Written By: Pamela
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Goodbye Santa

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    I  went and had a few drinks after my Burlesque show before my late night plans. This man in a Santa suit was really getting on my fucking nerves. I was feeling wicked and decided to make him my evening plans.

I invited him to have a few drinks with me and slipped something in it. He was feeling dizzy and walked out to the dark alley. My potion worked and soon, he was a slight 2 inches tall.  Poor wee man. I spiked him with my stiletto heel, picked him up and put him in my purse. He should have a blast with all the sharp implements in my leather purse.

Once at my loft, I let him lose on my floor. My cats were chasing him and I told him he better run fast if he wants to survive. The cameras were on and my friends were making bets on his survival. This really was fucking hysterical to watch. The terror in his tiny eyes was making me excited and my pussy needed some attention.

I couldn’t leave my little man alone as he might have gotten eaten or lost. I took my hot glue gun and glued him to the tip of my vibe. I think I heard him scream in pain from the hot glue. Once it cooled, I began to fuck myself. I came so fucking hard, that it drowned the wee man. I guess the only thing left to do was pee him out and flush him.




MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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A Twisted Fairy Tale

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        Over the severed limbs , beyond the moss covered wall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs, dwells Lady Rayne, most perverted of them all. 

After paying her dues and fucking all those pesky little dwarfs, she went from a sub to a feared domina. Thankfully all those tiny fuckers had huge cocks and tongues to please me during my time as a sub. If it seems I am mixing my fairy tales, it’s my story and we’re doing it my way. 

As I kicked back enjoying an Appletini, the dwarfs kissed and licked my beautiful pale white feet. There was a knock at my door, and in burst a lovely pale thing. She saw my shiny, red apple and she fainted mumbling something about poison Appletinis. The dwarfs took her to my chambers, and carefully and slowly undressed her. What a magnificent pale, shapely body she has. I allowed the 7 men to have some fun with her before I bathed, and re-dressed her.  

She awoke to find herself with pierced nipples, and a pierced clit. She was spread eagle to my bed, and wearing a chastity device. Fuck she is magnificent! 

In walks my lovely neighbor, Maleficent. She apologizes for not knocking but she assumed I would not hear her over the dwarfs gang bang. She had a huge surprise for me, and pulled up her skirt. What a beautiful big, thick cock she has. She explained she had to do many perverted things to get it, but it was worth it. 

                            The poison in the Appletini  was strong, and she fell asleep again. The mortgage was due, and I had a plan. I invited all the men in the land to gang bang Sleeping Beauty at a cost. We joined in as we raped, molested, tortured, and took her over and over again. 

May Your Halloween be As Twisted As Lady Rayne


Lady RayneWritten By: Lady Rayne
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| Fetish Phone Sex, Foot Fetish Phone Sex, Foot Worship Phone Sex, Joanne's Blog, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Seduction Phone Sex, Sensual Seduction Phone Sex | 0 Comments have been giving me subtle clues about my feet. You ask me periodically what color my toes are. You like when I describe in full detail about the shoes I wear. If they’re open toe, you’d like to know how my toes look in them. I never really have given my feet much thought until you came into my life. It’s was obvious you have a foot fetish obsession and I wanted to explore that.

On our next call, we talked a little bit more about my feet than we normally do. As the conversation continued, I could hear you were getting turned on. And, of course, that turns me on knowing your cock is getting harder thinking about my feet.

I started getting into it and told you how I want my pretty, pedicured toes in your face. I was having fun teasing you with my toes around your lips. I told you I want you to lick and suck them clean. The way you were describing what you were doing to my toes was so sensual, I could feel my pussy getting really wet. I never thought I could have an orgasm talking about my feet, but the things you were saying to me, and what my feet were doing to you, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I want that again and again. Now you have me hooked and we’re SOLE MATES for life!



JoanneWritten By: Joanne
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My New Foot Servant

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My next door neighbor in my apartment building has always wanted me. He asks me out all the time and I have come up with every excuse in the book of why I can’t go. I try to avoid him if all possible but sometimes he just shows up in the elevator and then I’m stuck. He’s seems like the needy type and would do whatever I say. I need a real man.

Yesterday, I ran around all day long with so many errands. I probably walked 5 miles in my nylons and  heels. When I went into my apartment building to check my mail, there he was. I had a grueling day, and he was the last person I wanted to see.

Of course, we rode the elevator together and then it hit me! I turned to him and asked if he would like to come to my apartment. He was beyond excited. I had a devilish smile and thought I was finally going to give this loser some attention.

He sat on my couch while I poured myself a glass of wine. I sat next to him and told him exactly what I wanted from him. I explained I want him to take off my black pumps and lick my tired, sweaty feet. The poor schmuck would do anything for me so he felt honored to lick my dirty feet. I even had him lick the soles of my shoes.

I had him take off my nylons so I could put them around his head. I wanted him to be entrapped by my intoxicating foot aroma. I could tell this was really exciting to him. I also had him lick between all my sweaty toes.

I was sipping on my wine, feeling relaxed. He wanted more but I quickly put him in his place and told him he was only my foot servant and nothing more. If he was lucky enough, I might have more errands in a few days.



BaileyWritten By: Bailey
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Skylar’s Feet and Your Foot Fetish

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You enjoy ladies feet and shoes. You have an extreme foot fetish.

I love to tease you by wearing open-toed shoes.  I go to the salon every couple of weeks to get a pedicure. I love showing off my painted toes, especially since I know that it makes you so very hard. You are always staring at my feet.

Teasing you is so much fun. I cross and uncross my legs, and dangle a shoe from my toes.  It drives you crazy. I draw you into me, and I easily seduce you because I know your weakness for pretty feet and sexy shoes.

I prey on your weakness because I love a man to worship my feet. Take off my shoe and sniff. The scent of leather and my feet make your cock so stiff. Suck on my toes, each and every one of them. Do it slowly. You are making me wet, so hot and wet! I masturbate for you while you suck and lick on my feet.

I reward you with a footjob and let you cum all over my feet. 




SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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Even Losers Can Get My Attention

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         delaney   I love tricking a certain guy into thinking he will be getting sex from me. I mean tomorrow is Valentines Day and so he should get something special. LOL. He is going to get something special, but it just won’t be from me. I have invited my entire senior class to come over and totally fuck with this man’s head.

He sees the note on the door telling him to just come right in and to strip down on the way to my bedroom. He does as he is told and walks in to see 20 hot girls who are already laughing at his loser ass. One walks over to kiss him, but instead spits on his face and then puts a collar and leash on him. She makes him go for a walk on the front lawn as the rest of us go for a jog.

He has a stiffy because he knows when we get back doggy will be forced to lick us clean from sweat and any other wet, slippery fluids we demand. The neighbors try not to stare but it is pretty fucking funny with him being walked like a dog. We are back from our jog and we aren’t alone! Looks like a busy day for doggy.


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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My Favorite Foot Slave

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bambiI have a dirty little foot slave named Teddy. He lives to worship my feet and loves when they’re extra dirty. I come home and put my feet up and here he comes crawling over to me on his hands and knees begging to take my shoes off.

I’ve been walking around in them all day and I know how sweaty they are, but that just makes his tiny little dick stick out a little harder. He takes those dirty stockings off, wads them up and breathes in deep. He takes my sweaty foot in his hand and starts to lick the sweat off of them. I lean back and watch the show. He closes his eyes and lets his tongue run all over. I especially love when he gets to my toes. He sucks them like tiny cocks. Teddy is a world class cock sucking little faggot, so you can only imagine how well he sucks on those little piggies. He’s gets his tongue in between them and takes them nearly to the back of his throat. I let him wrap those sticky feet around his teeny tiny cock and cum all over them. I also make him clean up his mess, Teddy is a cum slut, so it’s icing on the cake. Such a good little foot slave.


BambiWritten By: Bambi
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Pretty Feet Phone Sex

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Did you know that I have feet that are just as beautiful as my pussy? Just look at them, so small and petite with arches that are perfect for wrapping around a cock. If you’ve never tried foot jobs, you’re really missing out! You can’t imagine how good all that pressure from me squeezing my feet together can fee on your cock. My pussy and ass are tight, no doubt about it, but I can make my feet even tighter for you. Lay back and let me show you! I’ll lube up your cock really good and let my pretty toes tease you. Feels good, right? Now, I’m going to squeeze them together for you. Just tuck your cock between those high arches and let me do the rest. I’ll work them up and down, pushing them together to give you a snugger fit. I have a feeling your hands will be grabbing my ankles and pumping your cock in and out before too long. The thick ridge at the head of your cock tickles a little, so I hope you don’t mind a little giggling 😉 Use them as long as you want. When I feel that cock start to twitching, I’m going to work them up and down your shaft faster. You’ll blow to the ceiling! Ready to give it a try?

Written By: Riley
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